Ask and Ye


Shall Receive

A website about Wisdom,Truth and Love

There will soon be some great information about Reality and Enlightenment and it will be available for all who ask, it truly will be what you are seeking for, because I know that there are many who are looking for this.

truth peeking through

Ask for what matters, do not ask for material things as they are short lived,


ask for guidance and illumination, ask for answers to the secrets of life, ask how to get peace on earth,


These are things worth asking for.

Does Prayer Help?


     I have many questions about life in general, I have many specific questions that it seems no one has answers to, I just don't know who to ask.


This is no doubt a problem for any seeker of truth, a problem that is difficult to say the least. But there is someone you are able to ask about absolutely anything and everything, and that is God.


But even if you have a problem with deities, the question can still be asked of self, the human mind is a remarkable thing that can be used for many things including questions that you know that you have no idea of any sort of answer,


your mind is a super computer that works in the background constantly, if you were to present a question to yourself just as you are falling to sleep, rest assured, your mind will work in the background all night for some sort of answer,


it may be in the form of an intuition to look somewhere on the internet for a certain subject that may have ties to what you seek that your mind had only noticed for a moment sometime in the past.


There is also the religious aspect, where you may believe that God has led you to the results that you want, either way you need only ASK and you will RECEIVE.


Your journeys have led you here for some reason, hopefully this will help in your journey towards enlightenment, I will attempt to update this weekly and soon to be adding links to even more information,


the information on these sites will be mostly focused on a few specific subjects that shall encompass them enough to fuel your seeking to enable you to continue from here with some new ideas and concepts to seek.


To Pray or not to pray, I like to think of it as a discussion, after all, I am the one that is being driven to search and Seek and ask for stuff that I don't even know what!


Meditation helps sometimes, my dreams also have their input, lately it has been since I have sacrificed my mindless videos and video games and have focused on spiritual things and or what ever pops into my mind,


there are many interesting spiritual types of videos that also lead me to other literature and websites that feed the need to seek.


This Ask and Ye Shall Receive gig also works on things other that spiritual knowledge, if you have lost something, or are looking for an idea in your field of work, I find it quite effective to ask out loud for stuff,


little lost items and ideas to supplement my income are quite common, I don't ask for material things that I don't already own, usually only inert items for the sake of convenience,


also it doesn't hurt to give thanks when you get that idea or find that lost item, whether it is to God or the Tao or even to your higher self, the sentiment is appreciated.


     Asking and Seeking can be done almost any time, usually while I am driving, I am deep in thought about various subjects and often ask my inner self for answers or at least I pose the questions to my self,


listening to the radio or to music has been replaced long ago by the many questions I have about many things, the replacement of sense desires has been increasing over the years,


some people are just not able to exist solely in their own thoughts, as a seeker, this is one of the first things that you learn to do, it doesn't mean that you have to quit enjoying music anymore,


but your taste in music may change and the frequency will decrease greatly, although since I have all but stopped listening to the radio when I drive, sometimes as a seeking exercise I may scan some frequencies to see what the material sorts are listening to, and at times it gives me ideas of what to seek next.


     Sometimes life can be overwhelming, worrying about your job or lack of one or worries about loved ones can divide your concentration, your seeking may seem to be inconsequential compared to the problems that life poses,


in these times, posing questions to answer these personal types of inquiries are just another phase of seeking that fulfills your and everyone's destinies,


whether it is something posed towards your higher self or towards your ultimate entity, asking is the first step towards receiving.


     Out of the many things that people seek for, sometimes keeping an unselfish attitude towards your studies will help you immensely, seeking the answers to problems that are not your own can not only help humanity, but can create another seeking path for more of your personal adventures,


it doesn't matter if it is somewhat specialized and only affects a small percentage of the populace, that small percentage is a part of the whole of all of us, your discoveries may save someone some undue pain or despair, and they will surely be grateful for your seeking diligence.


This seeking can be quite frustrating at times, I hoped that I mentioned that seeking and seeking and then doing some seeking can be quite taxing on your mind even if it seems quite interesting at the time,


it is important that you don't turn into a seeking machine, and relax once in a while, do something distracting, play the flute, check out that hobby that you have neglected for so long, meditate, practice what you have learned so far,


seeking doesn't always have to be a conscience effort, it is programmed into you, it is always a program that is running in the background of your thoughts, see what comes up when you're playing that video cribbage.

more to come soon...