Ask and Ye


Shall Receive

A website about Wisdom, Truth, and Love

There will soon be some great information about Reality and Enlightenment and it will be available for all who ask, it truly will be what you are seeking for because I know that there are many who are looking for this.

truth peeking through

Ask for what matters, do not ask for material things as they are short-lived,


ask for guidance and illumination, ask for answers to the secrets of life, ask how to get peace on earth,


These are things worth asking for.

Does Prayer Help?


     I have many questions about life in general, I have many specific questions that it seems no one has answers to, I just don't know who to ask.


This is no doubt a problem for any seeker of truth, a problem that is difficult, to say the least. But there is someone you are able to ask about absolutely anything and everything, and that is God.


But even if you have a problem with deities, the question can still be asked of self, the human mind is a remarkable thing that can be used for many things including questions that you know that you have no idea of any sort of answer,


your mind is a supercomputer that works in the background constantly if you were to present a question to yourself just as you are falling to sleep, rest assured, your mind will work in the background all night for some sort of answer,


it may be in the form of intuition to look somewhere on the internet for a certain subject that may have ties to what you seek that your mind had only noticed for a moment sometime in the past.


There is also the religious aspect, where you may believe that God has led you to the results that you want, either way, you need only ASK and you will RECEIVE.


Your journeys have led you here for some reason, hopefully, this will help in your journey towards enlightenment, I will attempt to update this weekly and soon to be adding links to even more information,


the information on these sites will be mostly focused on a few specific subjects that shall encompass them enough to fuel you're seeking to enable you to continue from here with some new ideas and concepts to seek.


To Pray or not to pray, I like to think of it as a discussion, after all, I am the one that is being driven to search and Seek and ask for stuff that I don't even know what!


Meditation helps sometimes, my dreams also have their input, lately, it has been since I have sacrificed my mindless videos and video games and have focused on spiritual things and or whatever pops into my mind,


there are many interesting spiritual types of videos that also lead me to other literature and websites that feed the need to seek.


This Ask and Ye Shall Receive gig also works on things other than spiritual knowledge, if you have lost something, or are looking for an idea in your field of work, I find it quite effective to ask out loud for stuff,


little lost items and ideas to supplement my income are quite common, I don't ask for material things that I don't already own, usually only inert items for the sake of convenience,


also, it doesn't hurt to give thanks when you get that idea or find that lost item, whether it is to God or the Tao or even to your higher self, the sentiment is appreciated.


     Asking and Seeking can be done almost any time, usually, while I am driving, I am deep in thought about various subjects and often ask my inner self for answers or at least I pose the questions to my self,


listening to the radio or to music has been replaced long ago by the many questions I have about many things, the replacement of sense desires has been increasing over the years,


some people are just not able to exist solely in their own thoughts, as a seeker, this is one of the first things that you learn to do, it doesn't mean that you have to quit enjoying music anymore,


but your taste in music may change and the frequency will decrease greatly, although since I have all but stopped listening to the radio when I drive, sometimes as a seeking exercise I may scan some frequencies to see what the material sorts are listening to, and at times it gives me ideas of what to seek next.


     Sometimes life can be overwhelming, worrying about your job or lack of one or worries about loved ones can divide your concentration, your seeking may seem to be inconsequential compared to the problems that life poses,


in these times, posing questions to answer these personal types of inquiries are just another phase of seeking that fulfills your and everyone's destinies,


whether it is something posed towards your higher self or towards your ultimate entity, asking is the first step towards receiving.


     Out of the many things that people seek for, sometimes keeping an unselfish attitude towards your studies will help you immensely, seeking the answers to problems that are not your own can not only help humanity but can create another seeking path for more of your personal adventures,


it doesn't matter if it is somewhat specialized and only affects a small percentage of the populace, that small percentage is a part of the whole of all of us, your discoveries may save someone some undue pain or despair, and they will surely be grateful for your seeking diligence.


This seeking can be quite frustrating at times, I hoped that I mentioned that seeking and seeking and then doing some seeking can be quite taxing on your mind even if it seems quite interesting at the time,


it is important that you don't turn into a seeking machine, and relax once in a while, do something distracting, play the flute, check out that hobby that you have neglected for so long, meditate, practice what you have learned so far,


seeking doesn't always have to be a conscious effort, it is programmed into you, it is always a program that is running in the background of your thoughts, sees what comes up when you're playing that video cribbage.


Sometimes seeking can have the potential to be very emotional, do not allow what you learn to cause you to do any fanatical things, don't get caught up in the moment, your false personality would really enjoy sending you on an emotional wild goose chase,


be strong, catalog the information that you have learned and gone on to the next, dedicating the rest of your life to a certain cause can slam the brakes on to any spiritual progress,


if you feel compelled about a certain subject, write about it, or explore it in more depth, but letting your emotions do all of your biddings may waste more of your life than you really intend and your true self will be the one that really suffers in the end.


For those of you on a seeking journey, what you seek is supposed to enlighten you to some extent, there is no doubt that you may run into an idea that could make you money,


this is not necessarily bad especially if you are in need of money, in my case, I am in need of money, but refuse to monetize any of these sites since I believe what needs to be told here is of importance that doesn't need to be clouded by money.


I have also noticed that when I watch a potentially enlightening video, the worth of it is usually directly proportional to the lack of advertising embedded in it,


I have nothing against someone making a buck, I may even do something like that someday, I find that having no commercials adds an air of authenticity to their subject and I may even consider taking it more seriously,


of course, if the video is solely intended for entertainment, I understand and accept it as such.


Keeping an open mind will be your greatest asset while seeking, hearing people out and not making snap judgments will enable you to get the greatest benefit from your endeavors,


though many authors will not hold the same views as you do and will not even hold the same views as some of your favorite authors, they all still have something interesting to say,


keeping the understanding of false personality and the era when the literature was written and maybe even their countries social and economic views at the time will be a contributing factor to their views.


I am always ready to "edit" their thoughts and beliefs to my liking, but I never fail to take it all in initially, because I inevitably always find some tidbits of information that end up being invaluable to me in the end,


if a certain author's views are just too much for me to take on a regular basis, I take a break from them and follow a different path for a while, I will return to them when I am ready.


Did you ever hear someone say, "be careful for what you ask for because you may get it" This is probably a normal thing for people to do, oh that guy is lucky, he has got this or that, I wish I had that, everyone wants a good life, and it is very rare to find someone that has no material aspirations,


there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting "things" I guess the big questions would be what "things" do you want and what do you want to do with them? Being charitable or giving of yourself to others in need are good things,


working towards the material side of the list is what is most popular among mankind, building an empire, having power, fame, gaining recognition, stupendous success in building wealth is the American dream,


but how about seeking enlightenment? If you have all of that stuff, more than likely your head has gotten rather large and there would be little need for spiritual progress,


spiritual progress really has no need for any of those material "things" It really prepares you for when your human tour of duty is finished,


remember you can't take it with you, and leaving to your family will just end up making them lazy and more dependant on that type of lifestyle that they will also be unable to take with them.


As we all begin this new year, I hope you all realize as much as I do that my priorities have shifted, it is true that I still keep in mind a way and means to keep myself and family afloat,


there has been many a time that my seeking has brought me enlightenment and comfort, I do shift gears occasionally towards the material side as I am still human, and still do need to make a living,


the only difference being that my decisions have been tempered with what I have learned over the years, the importance of my values and integrity have kept my course straight and true,


I do not feel that I have abandoned anything when it comes to my materialistic adventures, after all, this eventually will be needed to be done to bring both halves of my personality to a happy medium that will allow the best of both spiritual and material worlds.


For those of you that believe in a supreme entity or for those of you that only believe in yourself, posing the questions that are foremost on your mind are probably the most important chores that you can have,


answers to these questions can come in a variety of ways, in your dreams, in your thoughts, in conversation with the people you deal with, what you may see in the various modes of media you may experience and what happens to you in your travels,


so answers will come in many ways and forms, what you do with these answers is paramount, first of all, it is of utmost importance to notice and recognize these answers given to you,


some may be very subtle and require great attention to be paid, some of these answers will be quite cryptic in order for you to have to decrypt and analyze,


this is a tactic of your higher self or soul or even God to impress what needs to be known in a way that will not be easily forgotten. Just be sure you haven't eaten anything weird of a lot to affect your dreams.

Bridge your ignorance with wisdom

Asking for Guidance


There are some of you that have been led to this site because you have asked for guidance, there is a confusion about your beliefs and what is held as a norm in society, it is hoped that there will be some information that shall be presented here that will open your eyes a little more than they are used to being,


a good way to differentiate between important and not so important issues is to look at things through a material type of view and then look through spiritual eyes,


a material view is a norm for most of humanity, what they see that pleases them is important, what they hear that is what they want to hear is of the greatest importance, they like good feelings or what makes them feel good,


they like what smells good and what tastes good, but these things are superficial, if not at times dangerous, paying attention to truth and working from a standpoint of love does not leave much to grab a hold of in a material sense,


but is infinitely more substantial, values should always be held above "things" When it is realized that it is what we really think and how we really act that molds our actions, what we eat and how much of it needs to be a thought, what we do to "feel good" needs to be analyzed and what passes as entertaining or important to us needs to be questioned.


The guidance that these sites will provide for you will merely be an expansion of the thought process, mostly the answers that will be sought will come from you and your seeking, looking within and searching the internet will be your greatest tools,


those of you with the funds may choose some professional enlightenment locally or will be able to travel to those mysterious places that many people dream of, I for one have been limited by not having a Guru, but I have sought out many interesting people that I have learned much from,


there are quite a few fairs and conventions that cover many subjects that may enlighten you if you let them, your own drive will lead you to the proper course of action,


you must be willing to let go enough to let the wind of destiny guide you to your latest adventures and pay good attention to life as not to miss that subtle tidbit of information that may change your life.

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Are You askin' for it?


Are you pushin' your luck? Do you think that you are the greatest thing that has ever existed? Going through life with inflated pride and vanity will be your downfall,


even if you know a lot and have proven again and again that you are better at what you do than anyone else, you may have great wealth and people wish they were you,


you are a loser if you think that is what life is all about, it will eventually turn back on you and it will be devastating, it is not bad to be good at what you do,


but temperance and humility must be exercised in order for a balance to be maintained in your life, letting your ego get the best of you is a rooky mistake, it is not imperative to be the center of attention all of the time especially if you wish to attain any sort of spiritual advancement,


sticking to the 7 virtues is a good start on the way to enlightenment, being a know it all will rob you of some important information that may be coming your way and rubbing elbows with the seven deadly sins will only hinder your progress towards wisdom.


Along with having an inflated ego, living with a death-wish reckless demeanor will also be equaled out eventually, reckless drivers sooner or later get in an accident or cause one, causing an accident may even be worse as it usually involves getting some karma to repay later,


doing dangerous things do not always affect you like you would think, everyone needs to take chances in life in order to learn and evolve, but needless danger just for the thrill shall be equalized later in your life,


or serious risks that have caused changes in other peoples lives will be paid up in later lives and also slow your evolutionary progress, we are all supposed to learn from our mistakes so we don't continue doing them,


wisdom comes from this and from learning from other peoples mistakes, when you shoot bullets straight up into the air, sooner or later one is going to come straight down on your head or worse yet a loved ones head or neighbors head, and then something will be learned the hard way.


Ideally, you should be asking for enlightenment or guidance through your life, the difficult times where you are at your wit's end and all seems to be lost, this is not the time to do foolish things,


strengthening your faith and taking the punches of misfortune whereas not to complain too much is the start to good practice in coping, it is true that you must deal with problems directly, asking for guidance helps,


passing the blame to others for misfortune is a bad karmic move to make at any time, on the other end of this scale, if things are going well for you, bragging and patting yourself on the back will set you up for a reality check that may bring you down a peg or two,


doing a good job with humility will keep your karmic debt accumulation in check and will show others what you are made of in the process, remembering to stick mostly to the 7 virtues will keep you out of trouble and may add to healing some of those old karmic debts that you are paying off.

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A Simple Phrase in the Bible


"Ask and Ye Shall Receive", this is much more than a simple phrase, this is the way to enlightenment if you want answers and want to know the meaning of life, asking is the very first step,


I try to present different approaches to seek these answers, I do not like to limit anyone to a deity or a specific way, but my searching has brought many different views of the ultimate vista that every one of vision seeks,


it is true that this statement is in the Holy Bible but it does not limit its scope to just one book or just one concept, actually, it goes hand in hand with "Seek and Ye Shall Find" which is another phrase from the Holy Bible,


it is the first instruction received when you ask for enlightenment, all of this asking is a purely spiritual thing, it doesn't work for material aspirations unless there is something of spiritual worth to be gained in the process,


and ultimately it doesn't matter who you are asking this of because the answers will be given to you none the less, whether you think that God or your inner self is helping you is of little concern because it is the answers and the journey that give you what you need and the belief that you are being led in the right direction and knowing that you have the right intentions is the driving force that eventually brings you to enlightenment.


Ask and ye shall receive is an ancient instruction to find out the truth of reality, some people may have a problem with how or who they are receiving this instruction from, they will be set in their ways being religious or not,


their beliefs will dictate their actions, this is too bad in many cases as what they may learn can help them greatly in any stage of their lives, they just need to "let go" for once in their lives and listen to their intuition,


use their free will to do something different than what they expect they would be doing, now this does not include doing something stupid or life-threatening, mostly it will be something seemingly inert and harmless like reading about something that is new to them.


It all starts with the honest act of asking for enlightenment, it can be at any time of the day and as often as you wish, it can be while you work or drive or even before you sleep and the answers or instructions will come to you out of the blue or in your dreams and usually when you least expect it,


this will work for everyone no matter what your beliefs are, trying it at least once a day for at least a month and then forgetting it is all that is required to get the request processed, the answers can come in the form of inspiration or an overwhelming urge to study or research something or even an enlightening thought,


the asking is most effective when done while meditating but anyway is better than not at all.

Seek And Ye Shall Find


This is a Website about Seeking and Finding Information about Truth



A collection of Ideas and information about Reality that shall increase your wisdom and further you down the path to



It's not hard to see the light

It's not hard to see the Light if you look

Do not limit yourself just to your Religion's scriptures, God and the Tao is all-encompassing, they are the authors of ALL the Religions,


What Should I Ask and How Shall I Seek?


OK, so you have asked for something to seek, and your seeking leads you on a wild goose chase, or so it would seem. The signals that your brain gives you to follow do have an intelligent pattern, God or your higher consciousnesses does have an agenda, even if it is very confusing to you right now,


all of this information and data is exercising your minds intuitive aspects, where your discriminating powers are increasing, eventually, you will be able to filter the important from the unimportant, the fact from the fiction, the gospel from the dogma, theories will begin to form and a focus towards your ultimate target will ensue,


it may not be what others on your type of quest are seeking, but that is their quests and their targets are more than likely in a different direction, this doesn't mean that you don't have to share what you discover.


Your fellow seekers have important information to life's complex puzzle that may help you and them when shared, you and they, of course, will use your own discrimination's and intuitions to filter what you each deem to be of worth.


There has to be a reason that the words "Ask and Ye Shall Receive" and "Seek and Ye Shall Find" is found in the Bible, they are instructions for all of us on how to find the Truth.


They are Divine statements to show us a means to gather wisdom, they are not meant to limit us to just the Bible, but to explore all the worlds scriptures, with a little discrimination, we all can sift out the dogma and fears.


There is no call for war and hate to be involved in this process, rather we can pool our knowledge with other seekers that are more familiar with scriptures and beliefs from their cultures, our language barriers are no longer a hindrance when the universal language of Love is involved.


OK, at this point you have probably noticed that I have been vague about what to Ask and what to Seek, this is most definitely on purpose because there is absolutely no one that can tell you for what to seek,


you will be driven, someone will say something, you will read something somewhere that will spark your seeking drive, we all have to follow our own paths, the truths that you will discover may be obscure in nature,


but they may hold the key to greater truths that may enlighten humanity, you will manufacture your own pieces the great puzzle of life, and together, all of us will assemble this puzzle and discover that it isn't just a picture of a bunch of dog's playing poker after-all!


Seeking is not all about reading and watching enlightening movies, it is also about getting out there to get your feet wet, to try some of the things that you have learned if you have learned about meditation or concentration or dreaming or any other spiritual type of activity,


it must be practiced, if not just to break up constant reading, but to put into practice what you have learned, this is where the wisdom is developed, which is just as valuable as the knowledge if not more.


You may feel you are driven like a machine, but you must maintain total control in order to keep your higher personality healthy, always remember to eat and exercise.


There are many of you out there that are old souls that have the SEEKING programmed into your genes, there is nothing that you like to do more than seek,


in your younger days, you may have been driven more by the material things like making money and chasing the preferred sex, partying and the like, if in fact, you are young now, if you intend to enter occult practices, now is the time to do it,


as it may be more difficult for younger people to give up their material practices for the strictness of the occult practices, there is so much more benefit to starting this at an early age as the material way of life has a way of impeding your progress after 40 years of age,


the ability to forgo the material desires normally prominent at younger ages is a great discipline to develop sooner rather than later in order to get impressive results. 




Wasp seeking nectar

What is your Seeking Focus?


I have to admit that I have read about the most obscure crap that you could imagine, UFO sightings, conspiracy theories, hollow earth, and the list goes on, it isn't that there isn't any worth in all of that, but where does it take you?


If you have the funds to explore the entrances to the hollow earth about the north or south pole, then if this is of interest to you, then you should go, if UFO's wanted to talk to me, I'm sure they know where I live,


and to worry about the Illuminati's agenda and how that affects me is a waste of time and energy. I prefer to investigate something that benefits me and mankind, anything less is an extravagant indulgence. Posted



Our souls are very powerful fragments of an infinite all-knowing entity, our duality is our test to see how we fare in these 3 dimensional shells, using our free will we choose how we live our lives and react to other people's lives in our perceptive arena,


we create our reality constantly, dealing with life and our other fragments, by asking our higher selves or God if you will, for the answers that we seek for those nagging questions, we exercise the power that we have all been given,


we are all connected, not only to each other but to everything perceived by our senses, and all that is not perceived, asking and seeking are part of our cosmic destiny,


the answers that we receive should be shared with others so that they may also be enlightened to your knowledge and possibly help them towards their truths of reality. Posted


Ask and you will receive, have you done this yet? Have you given yourself a pre-sleep suggestion about what you would like to know? Or while meditating, ask yourself a question about anything,


even asking yourself out loud or silently to yourself while you are wide awake doing anything, yard work, driving or whenever that thought comes into your mind about that thing that bothers you from lack of knowledge or just curiosity,


this is what is required to start your adventure, then and only then will the seeking begin. Sometimes I go for months and forget about the asking, I am so busy with the seeking that I forget to plant that "asking seed",


I may be so wrapped up in a particular study and reach a wall that seems to frustrate me to no end when really all I had to do was ask another question...and then off I go again renewed. Posted


This is an age-old mission that has been spliced into your DNA to seek for answers and to find the truth, whether science chooses to believe it or not, civilizations have been on our planet many times, have learned about their origins, and then a catastrophe wipes them from existence.


I shall inject some reasons for this happening and some may not like what they hear, our human race in whatever form it may have existed in has reached a level of technology quite a few times,


but what we have failed to understand is where we came from and to what we owe our existence, all of our spiritual practices have nothing to do with what we do materially, and our problem has been the separation of this,


when we realize that we are all connected, and I mean ALL, Plants, Animals, Earth and it's resources, this realization and respect are required for us to not end up like them.



I have previously slammed those sites and videos on youtube that cater to the conspiracy-minded people, it is very that there are some conspiracies out there and our government's no doubt have things to hide from us according to their entitled agenda's,


there is no argument here, I have no problem that giants once walked the earth, but have little interest in why these facts are hidden by our governments, the same goes for extraterrestrials and suppressed technology,


if aliens really wanted to be noticed by everyone, they could do so very easily, and if someone discovered an efficient way to disassociate the atoms from a water molecule to create hydrogen and decided to give this information to humanity,


the US government or any government for that matter or patent office would have very little chance of stopping a determined person in doing so, really the only thing standing in their way would be their greed,


and as for the aliens hiding in the moon controlling the actions of our race, I would still blame our Dual personalities first, even though it isn't as interesting and we then wouldn't have someone else to blame for our poor lack of control of our free will. Posted


Sometimes you shall become discouraged about what you are learning or how you are learning, these methods and actions you take seem to rub you the wrong way, or things that you are learning are giving you an uneasy feeling,


don't feel obliged to keep following this path, your soul will always have it's input to what you are doing, whether it be good or bad, if you are afraid of following a type of "wrong thinking" take a break and shift gears to something else for a while,


continuing on the wrong path can be bad for your health, and if it is something that you wish to complete in the future, it is always possible, when I have this happen to me, I usually pursue a different avenue of the same basic idea to get a different perspective of what I am learning.


Remember, everyone has false personality, and though they may be very intelligent, their false personality may have led them to write about certain ideas and have certain reasoning, try to keep different views in balance with the yin and yang or male and female viewpoints. Posted


Do not be afraid to be skeptical about anything, just because wise intelligent words come from someone, doesn't mean that they are infallible, wisdom and intelligence is a relative thing, a thousand years ago, there were some wise things written by intelligent people,


their superstition and the dogma of their era still had an influence on their ideas, for example, Pythagoras, one of the wisest men known, had a thing about beans, he wouldn't eat them or even touch them, many of his followers died because of this belief,


OK, I can see if you don't want to eat beans because they give you gas, that is understandable, but choosing to die rather than go through a bean field seems rather silly. Every Genius and wise man have their own idiosyncrasies,


and there is no reason to make them your own, If you want to eat meat, eat meat, your beliefs are what you make of them, I learned much from Pythagoras's teachings, and yet I still eat beans, it is true they give me gas, but until I find a sensible diet that doesn't give me gas...oh well


A new year has started and your souls' power will have its most influence over you until the solstice on June 21/22, so be extra aware of any guidance you may be receiving during this time,


your material half of personality will be at its weakest and your actions and views on life will be of the most divine, your spiritual aspirations should be at their greatest for the next few months,


it is a good time to implement changes to yourself if you feel that there are needed, your soul will give you the most support during this time, your asking and seeking will be primed for great things,


so do take advantage of this season, feel free to reflect within to get that guidance that you will surely need later in the year, as the days grow longer the shift of power goes to our rebirth and our material needs wane, enjoy!


Fairness must be maintained while you read about great people or read what great people have written since there is a dual personality found in everyone without exception, it must be understood that even what prophets have written while under divine guidance is not exempt from false personality,


truth and wisdom does not tend to be entertaining in itself as it is more eloquent and efficient in the conveyance of its meaning, so naturally fewer words are needed to get the important point across,


but this exciting visitation of spiritual insight is short lived and entertaining stories are usually developed to supposedly help get this point across, these stories are naturally colored by the different superstitions and dogmas of the accompanying eras,


this is not even to mention the fact that much of this literature is not even written by the enlightened one in question, so second hand and even third-hand information is passed as "gospel" or the actual word of the great person.


Using your discrimination and intuition, you should be able to sort through the facts and fables.

Merging of soul and spirit

What are we made of?


In order for us to successively Seek and Ask, we must know what we are and why we are here, if I were to claim that I knew the answers to those two questions, it would seem that I was rather full of myself,


these two questions are the mission, you can be told by dozens of different people dozens of different things unless what you hear is what you believe, then you will still be seeking those answers,


it is sort of like a theory in science, it always needs to be proven to actually become fact, and even then being proven to your senses is not the same as being proven as truth to you,


if I were to say I am a fragment of God and I am here collecting data by living lives of men and women of all races and creeds on this planet to expand Gods knowledge, this would be one of many opinions that people would have,


then there is the question Why? Some would say that the reasons would be beyond any of our understanding, but this again is another thing that is being sought after,


I believe no matter what the answers to those two questions are, if you believe, you should let everyone else in on what you have found out.


When it comes to the question "What are we made of" a scientific person from the 21st century will give you the definition of matter, this is the official view of science, and our thoughts are nothing more than energy,


mystery is an inconvenient interruption of a logical thought process, but mystery just as faith needs to be a part of the function of intuition, discarding mystery and faith because they are not scientific is a huge mistake,


some of the greatest discoveries have and will be made by investigating the mysterious and letting our intuitions take the lead in these projects will allow progress to go that much faster, we are quickly replacing words like mystery with quantum entanglement and ether with dark matter or dark energy,


where man believes that an overly complicated description forming from a scientific theory is the way to go when these things have already been known for thousands of years.


So where does this matter come from? Believing in the Big Bang theory tells us that all of existence came from a small particle that exploded and spread creating our universe, that is a rather large pill to swallow,


if you look towards a spiritual answer, all of creation came from thought and a word from God, does that sound as possible as the scientific explanation? still, there are many things that cannot be explained by science,


if all matter is composed of atoms, what composes the space between and inside of atoms, it is understood that atoms, for the most part, are empty, but there is no such thing as nothing, this unknown substance is everywhere and makes up the majority of our universe,


some refer to it as dark energy or dark matter, previously it was called ether or aether, it was known as the unmanifested and it is the explanation for most of the worlds "unknown" it is where miracles start and where magic gets its power,


it is where the spirit dwells and creates all that goes bump in the night, we may be made of matter, but what counts is eternal and cannot be seen.


Our material existences as seen by science is all about the senses, everything that science measures and observes is an act of using the senses, sure there are theories but they are also based on what is understood about what we see and hear and feel,


but that does not and cannot account for the invisible and the unknown and the perplexing questions that science has is leading science towards a new frontier, the theories of how the universe was created are sciences best guesses,


but in reality, it just doesn't add up and that frustrates science to no end, science is now quite fragmented into many specialties whose limitations are set by the unknown where there are no scientific procedures to get past certain points of confusion,


so super complex theories have been developed to make an adequate smoke screen to hide the ignorance of not being able to admit "we don't know" and this where religion is supposed to pick up the ball and continue,


an explanation of what we are and why we are here is more interesting from a spiritual point of view as really nobody is enthused by the notion that we are just an accident of chance that has developed over billions of years of evolution.


Just by knowing that we are more than a body with a brain is just the start, delving deeper into ourselves and paying attention to more of the spiritual aspects and less attention to the material distractions will be a big help in the clarification needed,


relaxation and doing nothing but reflecting inward is the beginning, by remembering to ask ourselves or God the tough questions that we have either during meditation or dream programming before you sleep is a step in the right direction,


combined with some light exercise to give you more control over your physical self makes this all come together much easier, it is not just our material selves that need to be conquered, but our will need to be reminded that they are FREE and can do our bidding as we feel fit,


remember, our true selves have the real control that was given to all of us, all of the good stuff is of our spirit and all of the other stuff is of our false personality,


we do need to live and function in our three-dimensional existence, we just need to realize that our material selves are only temporary and our spiritual selves are eternal.