Ask and Ye


Shall Receive

A website about Wisdom, Truth, and Love

There will soon be some great information about Reality and Enlightenment and it will be available for all who ask, it truly will be what you are seeking for because I know that there are many who are looking for this.

truth peeking through

Ask for what matters, do not ask for material things as they are short-lived,


ask for guidance and illumination, ask for answers to the secrets of life, ask how to get peace on earth,


These are things worth asking for.

Does Prayer Help?


     I have many questions about life in general, I have many specific questions that it seems no one has answers to, I just don't know who to ask.


This is no doubt a problem for any seeker of truth, a problem that is difficult, to say the least. But there is someone you are able to ask about absolutely anything and everything, and that is God.


But even if you have a problem with deities, the question can still be asked of self, the human mind is a remarkable thing that can be used for many things including questions that you know that you have no idea of any sort of answer,


your mind is a supercomputer that works in the background constantly if you were to present a question to yourself just as you are falling to sleep, rest assured, your mind will work in the background all night for some sort of answer,


it may be in the form of intuition to look somewhere on the internet for a certain subject that may have ties to what you seek that your mind had only noticed for a moment sometime in the past.


There is also the religious aspect, where you may believe that God has led you to the results that you want, either way, you need only ASK and you will RECEIVE.


Your journeys have led you here for some reason, hopefully, this will help in your journey towards enlightenment, I will attempt to update this weekly and soon to be adding links to even more information,


the information on these sites will be mostly focused on a few specific subjects that shall encompass them enough to fuel you're seeking to enable you to continue from here with some new ideas and concepts to seek.


To Pray or not to pray, I like to think of it as a discussion, after all, I am the one that is being driven to search and Seek and ask for stuff that I don't even know what!


Meditation helps sometimes, my dreams also have their input, lately, it has been since I have sacrificed my mindless videos and video games and have focused on spiritual things and or whatever pops into my mind,


there are many interesting spiritual types of videos that also lead me to other literature and websites that feed the need to seek.


This Ask and Ye Shall Receive gig also works on things other than spiritual knowledge, if you have lost something, or are looking for an idea in your field of work, I find it quite effective to ask out loud for stuff,


little lost items and ideas to supplement my income are quite common, I don't ask for material things that I don't already own, usually only inert items for the sake of convenience,


also, it doesn't hurt to give thanks when you get that idea or find that lost item, whether it is to God or the Tao or even to your higher self, the sentiment is appreciated.


     Asking and Seeking can be done almost any time, usually, while I am driving, I am deep in thought about various subjects and often ask my inner self for answers or at least I pose the questions to my self,


listening to the radio or to music has been replaced long ago by the many questions I have about many things, the replacement of sense desires has been increasing over the years,


some people are just not able to exist solely in their own thoughts, as a seeker, this is one of the first things that you learn to do, it doesn't mean that you have to quit enjoying music anymore,


but your taste in music may change and the frequency will decrease greatly, although since I have all but stopped listening to the radio when I drive, sometimes as a seeking exercise I may scan some frequencies to see what the material sorts are listening to, and at times it gives me ideas of what to seek next.


     Sometimes life can be overwhelming, worrying about your job or lack of one or worries about loved ones can divide your concentration, your seeking may seem to be inconsequential compared to the problems that life poses,


in these times, posing questions to answer these personal types of inquiries are just another phase of seeking that fulfills your and everyone's destinies,


whether it is something posed towards your higher self or towards your ultimate entity, asking is the first step towards receiving.


     Out of the many things that people seek for, sometimes keeping an unselfish attitude towards your studies will help you immensely, seeking the answers to problems that are not your own can not only help humanity but can create another seeking path for more of your personal adventures,


it doesn't matter if it is somewhat specialized and only affects a small percentage of the populace, that small percentage is a part of the whole of all of us, your discoveries may save someone some undue pain or despair, and they will surely be grateful for your seeking diligence.


This seeking can be quite frustrating at times, I hoped that I mentioned that seeking and seeking and then doing some seeking can be quite taxing on your mind even if it seems quite interesting at the time,


it is important that you don't turn into a seeking machine, and relax once in a while, do something distracting, play the flute, check out that hobby that you have neglected for so long, meditate, practice what you have learned so far,


seeking doesn't always have to be a conscious effort, it is programmed into you, it is always a program that is running in the background of your thoughts, sees what comes up when you're playing that video cribbage.


Sometimes seeking can have the potential to be very emotional, do not allow what you learn to cause you to do any fanatical things, don't get caught up in the moment, your false personality would really enjoy sending you on an emotional wild goose chase,


be strong, catalog the information that you have learned and gone on to the next, dedicating the rest of your life to a certain cause can slam the brakes on to any spiritual progress,


if you feel compelled about a certain subject, write about it, or explore it in more depth, but letting your emotions do all of your biddings may waste more of your life than you really intend and your true self will be the one that really suffers in the end.


For those of you on a seeking journey, what you seek is supposed to enlighten you to some extent, there is no doubt that you may run into an idea that could make you money,


this is not necessarily bad especially if you are in need of money, in my case, I am in need of money, but refuse to monetize any of these sites since I believe what needs to be told here is of importance that doesn't need to be clouded by money.


I have also noticed that when I watch a potentially enlightening video, the worth of it is usually directly proportional to the lack of advertising embedded in it,


I have nothing against someone making a buck, I may even do something like that someday, I find that having no commercials adds an air of authenticity to their subject and I may even consider taking it more seriously,


of course, if the video is solely intended for entertainment, I understand and accept it as such.


Keeping an open mind will be your greatest asset while seeking, hearing people out and not making snap judgments will enable you to get the greatest benefit from your endeavors,


though many authors will not hold the same views as you do and will not even hold the same views as some of your favorite authors, they all still have something interesting to say,


keeping the understanding of false personality and the era when the literature was written and maybe even their countries social and economic views at the time will be a contributing factor to their views.


I am always ready to "edit" their thoughts and beliefs to my liking, but I never fail to take it all in initially, because I inevitably always find some tidbits of information that end up being invaluable to me in the end,


if a certain author's views are just too much for me to take on a regular basis, I take a break from them and follow a different path for a while, I will return to them when I am ready.


Did you ever hear someone say, "be careful for what you ask for because you may get it" This is probably a normal thing for people to do, oh that guy is lucky, he has got this or that, I wish I had that, everyone wants a good life, and it is very rare to find someone that has no material aspirations,


there is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting "things" I guess the big questions would be what "things" do you want and what do you want to do with them? Being charitable or giving of yourself to others in need are good things,


working towards the material side of the list is what is most popular among mankind, building an empire, having power, fame, gaining recognition, stupendous success in building wealth is the American dream,


but how about seeking enlightenment? If you have all of that stuff, more than likely your head has gotten rather large and there would be little need for spiritual progress,


spiritual progress really has no need for any of those material "things" It really prepares you for when your human tour of duty is finished,


remember you can't take it with you, and leaving to your family will just end up making them lazy and more dependant on that type of lifestyle that they will also be unable to take with them.


As we all begin this new year, I hope you all realize as much as I do that my priorities have shifted, it is true that I still keep in mind a way and means to keep myself and family afloat,


there has been many a time that my seeking has brought me enlightenment and comfort, I do shift gears occasionally towards the material side as I am still human, and still do need to make a living,


the only difference being that my decisions have been tempered with what I have learned over the years, the importance of my values and integrity have kept my course straight and true,


I do not feel that I have abandoned anything when it comes to my materialistic adventures, after all, this eventually will be needed to be done to bring both halves of my personality to a happy medium that will allow the best of both spiritual and material worlds.


For those of you that believe in a supreme entity or for those of you that only believe in yourself, posing the questions that are foremost on your mind are probably the most important chores that you can have,


answers to these questions can come in a variety of ways, in your dreams, in your thoughts, in conversation with the people you deal with, what you may see in the various modes of media you may experience and what happens to you in your travels,


so answers will come in many ways and forms, what you do with these answers is paramount, first of all, it is of utmost importance to notice and recognize these answers given to you,


some may be very subtle and require great attention to be paid, some of these answers will be quite cryptic in order for you to have to decrypt and analyze,


this is a tactic of your higher self or soul or even God to impress what needs to be known in a way that will not be easily forgotten. Just be sure you haven't eaten anything weird of a lot to affect your dreams.

Bridge your ignorance with wisdom

Asking for Guidance


There are some of you that have been led to this site because you have asked for guidance, there is a confusion about your beliefs and what is held as a norm in society, it is hoped that there will be some information that shall be presented here that will open your eyes a little more than they are used to being,


a good way to differentiate between important and not so important issues is to look at things through a material type of view and then look through spiritual eyes,


a material view is a norm for most of humanity, what they see that pleases them is important, what they hear that is what they want to hear is of the greatest importance, they like good feelings or what makes them feel good,


they like what smells good and what tastes good, but these things are superficial, if not at times dangerous, paying attention to truth and working from a standpoint of love does not leave much to grab a hold of in a material sense,


but is infinitely more substantial, values should always be held above "things" When it is realized that it is what we really think and how we really act that molds our actions, what we eat and how much of it needs to be a thought, what we do to "feel good" needs to be analyzed and what passes as entertaining or important to us needs to be questioned.


The guidance that these sites will provide for you will merely be an expansion of the thought process, mostly the answers that will be sought will come from you and your seeking, looking within and searching the internet will be your greatest tools,


those of you with the funds may choose some professional enlightenment locally or will be able to travel to those mysterious places that many people dream of, I for one have been limited by not having a Guru, but I have sought out many interesting people that I have learned much from,


there are quite a few fairs and conventions that cover many subjects that may enlighten you if you let them, your own drive will lead you to the proper course of action,


you must be willing to let go enough to let the wind of destiny guide you to your latest adventures and pay good attention to life as not to miss that subtle tidbit of information that may change your life.

Are You askin' for it?


Are you pushin' your luck? Do you think that you are the greatest thing that has ever existed? Going through life with inflated pride and vanity will be your downfall,


even if you know a lot and have proven again and again that you are better at what you do than anyone else, you may have great wealth and people wish they were you,


you are a loser if you think that is what life is all about, it will eventually turn back on you and it will be devastating, it is not bad to be good at what you do,


but temperance and humility must be exercised in order for a balance to be maintained in your life, letting your ego get the best of you is a rooky mistake, it is not imperative to be the center of attention all of the time especially if you wish to attain any sort of spiritual advancement,


sticking to the 7 virtues is a good start on the way to enlightenment, being a know it all will rob you of some important information that may be coming your way and rubbing elbows with the seven deadly sins will only hinder your progress towards wisdom.


Along with having an inflated ego, living with a death-wish reckless demeanor will also be equaled out eventually, reckless drivers sooner or later get in an accident or cause one, causing an accident may even be worse as it usually involves getting some karma to repay later,


doing dangerous things do not always affect you like you would think, everyone needs to take chances in life in order to learn and evolve, but needless danger just for the thrill shall be equalized later in your life,


or serious risks that have caused changes in other peoples lives will be paid up in later lives and also slow your evolutionary progress, we are all supposed to learn from our mistakes so we don't continue doing them,


wisdom comes from this and from learning from other peoples mistakes, when you shoot bullets straight up into the air, sooner or later one is going to come straight down on your head or worse yet a loved ones head or neighbors head, and then something will be learned the hard way.


Ideally, you should be asking for enlightenment or guidance through your life, the difficult times where you are at your wit's end and all seems to be lost, this is not the time to do foolish things,


strengthening your faith and taking the punches of misfortune whereas not to complain too much is the start to good practice in coping, it is true that you must deal with problems directly, asking for guidance helps,


passing the blame to others for misfortune is a bad karmic move to make at any time, on the other end of this scale, if things are going well for you, bragging and patting yourself on the back will set you up for a reality check that may bring you down a peg or two,


doing a good job with humility will keep your karmic debt accumulation in check and will show others what you are made of in the process, remembering to stick mostly to the 7 virtues will keep you out of trouble and may add to healing some of those old karmic debts that you are paying off.

A Simple Phrase in the Bible


"Ask and Ye Shall Receive", this is much more than a simple phrase, this is the way to enlightenment if you want answers and want to know the meaning of life, asking is the very first step,


I try to present different approaches to seek these answers, I do not like to limit anyone to a deity or a specific way, but my searching has brought many different views of the ultimate vista that every one of vision seeks,


it is true that this statement is in the Holy Bible but it does not limit its scope to just one book or just one concept, actually, it goes hand in hand with "Seek and Ye Shall Find" which is another phrase from the Holy Bible,


it is the first instruction received when you ask for enlightenment, all of this asking is a purely spiritual thing, it doesn't work for material aspirations unless there is something of spiritual worth to be gained in the process,


and ultimately it doesn't matter who you are asking this of because the answers will be given to you none the less, whether you think that God or your inner self is helping you is of little concern because it is the answers and the journey that give you what you need and the belief that you are being led in the right direction and knowing that you have the right intentions is the driving force that eventually brings you to enlightenment.


Ask and ye shall receive is an ancient instruction to find out the truth of reality, some people may have a problem with how or who they are receiving this instruction from, they will be set in their ways being religious or not,


their beliefs will dictate their actions, this is too bad in many cases as what they may learn can help them greatly in any stage of their lives, they just need to "let go" for once in their lives and listen to their intuition,


use their free will to do something different than what they expect they would be doing, now this does not include doing something stupid or life-threatening, mostly it will be something seemingly inert and harmless like reading about something that is new to them.


It all starts with the honest act of asking for enlightenment, it can be at any time of the day and as often as you wish, it can be while you work or drive or even before you sleep and the answers or instructions will come to you out of the blue or in your dreams and usually when you least expect it,


this will work for everyone no matter what your beliefs are, trying it at least once a day for at least a month and then forgetting it is all that is required to get the request processed, the answers can come in the form of inspiration or an overwhelming urge to study or research something or even an enlightening thought,


the asking is most effective when done while meditating but anyway is better than not at all.




Ask and You Shall Receive


These instructions may have come from the Bible but that does not limit you to searching for answers in only one good book, the answers that you seek are in ALL of the holy scriptures around the world,


after all, God would never limit its word to just a single book or to a single religion or even a single people on this planet, God loves all of us equally and just was unable to put everything for us to know in a single book,


or I should say that God chose to spread wisdom and truth all over the lands among all of its children, the prophets that were chosen diversified the types of beliefs in order that each of the civilizations had a portion of the whole truth,


the entire truth is ours for the asking, so you say "I want to find the truth", now it is as easy as just turning on your computer, the scriptures of the world have been translated into many languages and all of these scriptures have some of the truth in them,


God has also given us "Free Will" to choose what to believe in these scriptures, after all, all of these scriptures have been written by man, even though there were some divine guidance and inspiration,


man has a dual nature and exists mostly from his senses which are far from exclusively spiritual, man's animal survival side has injected fear and superstition into his scriptures because that was the popular dogma of each era,


the Hells and the punishments the dos and the don'ts are subjects to decipher with our discrimination and intuition, remember, God is perfect, but our scriptures are written by a man with all of his faults,


but rest assured that everything that we need to know is in these great books, just ask for some guidance to find out something specific, and you are not even limited to asking God if you are a non-believer that still wonders about the creative intelligence of our universe,


asking your inner self or the Tao or whatever this grand architect might be, a pressing question that is just itching for an answer is a step that must be taken in order to even hope to get any sort of answers, Ask and You Shall Receive.


This asking is of a purely spiritual sense, asking for material things is missing the point when it comes to the acquirement of wisdom, material things are short-lived and have very little to teach a person that is in search of truth,


letting your heart guide you instead of your brain shall benefit you spiritually more than anything else, trying to logically analyze what you think you should know could put you in a position of overthinking what really needs to be known,


your higher self already knows what is important, and involving too much of your brain and not enough of your heart will let the true mission slip through your fingers,


relaxation and letting go of your worrisome thoughts and working out of the love flowing through your heart will guide you to the answers you seek, there is nothing wrong with prayer, it is just a form of meditation,


presenting your concerns to your higher self and then just letting go of all of your thoughts on the subject will give your intuitive self a chance to enable the feeling to do what is right,


in this respect, concentration is not the key unless you intend on concentrating on not thinking of the answer, trusting your feelings out of a base of unconditional love will guide you to truly great things.

How to Worship in Spirit and Truth


This is an idea that is not of any particular religion, it is with an idea that there is an all-knowing, all-powerful force that has created all that is, perceived and not perceived,


it may have beliefs from many religions, but that should be a natural consequence from the original purpose of all religions to teach us the truth, this force can be called anything you wish,


it has had many names throughout the ages, and whatever you are comfortable with is good, it has been assumed that all creation was created out of love, so it would be of great consequence if that premise was followed in various modes of worship,


to worship the love of life, in general, would seem to please spirit in any case of its origin and to honor truth, it would be of great benefit to refrain from succumbing to any sort of fear or superstition,


a love based creation requires reinforcement of the same, and a celebration of life in a variety of ways can only please any entity or force that would take the credit for all of creation, this also includes all of the constituents of this creation,


unconditional love for "All That Is" can be a great positive reinforcement towards proving your understanding of this loving creation process and will show your appreciation and gratitude for the gift of all life that has been provided.


The use of props or symbols and attire can be used to make the processes and rituals more memorable but are not at all necessary, the intentions, the attitudes, and feelings are all that is needed in order for there to be a positive outcome,


there is no purpose to making complex ceremonies as this should be an act of joy and not a chore, the freedom of expression displaying your free will to worship as you wish out of love is all that is needed,


this can also be extended throughout all of your life and can be made a part of your lifestyle, as gratitude is appreciated all of the time and loving thoughts are never inappropriate.


The word worship can have a broad meaning so a broad array of modes of worship can be done, a basic recognition of this power or entity is paramount,


if you begin to worship something just for the sake of worshipping something, this is like driving without your hands being on the steering wheel, there is a lack of focus and no meaningful purpose,


KNOWING that the entity you worship has created everything that you perceive and seeing this handy work throughout all of nature and realizing that you are a part of it as this entity is a part of you and everything else is a huge part of this type of a belief system that will bring benefits from your worship practices,


this should not be an attempt resulting from peer pressure as any benefits will probably not be recognized, blind faith in anything makes for a slow recognition of what you would like to see,


try to explore by reading what others have discovered on their spiritual journeys, there are small realizations that can be had that will reinforce your beliefs, always try to be true to yourself,


you may fool others but that doesn't buy you anything spiritually, true faith is a great thing to have in order for the best benefits,


in any case, love, and joy should be a huge part of any type of worshipping no matter what you call the entity or power.

Human Wisdom


The specification of Human wisdom, as opposed to just wisdom, is because in nature there is natural wisdom that seems to escape many peoples notice, human wisdom should include protecting natures natural wisdom,


human wisdom is a rare commodity as can probably be noticed by seeing how our leaders run our planet and what is of greatest priorities to them, searching for wisdom does not need to be a difficult ordeal,


wisdom will not be found while pursuing material asperations, for the most part, it is hidden in the mundane virtues that does not make you much money or give you great power or fame,


human wisdom can be found in the humans that have left a spiritual mark on humanity, the Buddhas, Jesus, Sri Krishna, the many prophets of all the religions have great wisdom, mixed with that wisdom is their free will to express their views and opinions as well,


which brings us to our individual free wills that come equipped with discrimination and intuition to allow us to use our own accumulated wisdom to discern the superstition and fear from the truth and reality,


at times it seems that human wisdom is an oxymoron because of all of the confusion and strife in the world, but none the less it is a commodity that is sorely needed on our planet,


forget that the newest style of phone or the next episode of some TV series and start thinking of how we can save our planet from ourselves.

Previous Life Memories


As you are asking for answers to the questions that gnaw at your psyche a good exercise to help expand the knowledge of yourself is to find out about some previous life memories,


it is not a simple thing to just recall these things easily, even though I have heard and read books of some people that can do this relatively easily, a good general exercise is to recall things from your childhood in as great a detail as possible and try to recall these things in the order that they occurred,


if you are having difficulties in going back to memories of when you were a child, there is another simple exercise that can be done to coax some of these memories,


as you are falling asleep some evening at your normal sleep time, picture in your mind your mother and father holding hands and running through a field of flowers,


if you do not wish to or do not remember your mother and father, any two loved ones from your childhood can suffice, as you picture them running joyfully through this field and you keep your focus on this,


your mind will eventually wander to a time or event of your early past, once you have had this memory, it will always be readily available for your recall, this technique can be used many times to help expand your past timeline, by recalling past memories in a chronological manner,


it will condition you to be able to recall a past life with the addition of some pre-sleep suggestions or even in some early meditation suggestions,


previous life memories are still not guaranteed to happen no matter what you may try, another technique is to have a past life regression done under hypnosis,


if you are familiar with self-hypnosis, this can be another avenue to follow, persistence is the key that may allow some glimpses into your other lives from the past.

How Do I Find the Answers?


If you are looking for the answers to life and what is happening in your life, you are in luck!

You only need to ask and you will receive,


yes, there is some searching involved but once you have posed the question or questions you have set the gears in motion, there is a force in the universe that has created everything and it wants to help you discover this,


there is no need to put a name to this force as it goes by all names and resides in none, every virtuous thought that every man has had, every scrap of wisdom, every divine inspiration has come from this all-knowing force,


so make your intentions known in your quest for answers and you will be graced with some guidance towards the ways and means for enlightening you for your endeavors,


it can come to you in any number of ways both subtle and in your face, as you search for answers you will be brought to those that have certain knowledge or they will be attracted to you in their searching,


either way, answers will come and if not answers, directions to find the answers you seek, you must pay attention and must be careful to not ignore the signs that you are shown as many of these answers will be subtle and easily missed,


most of all, you must feel in your heart what is important to you in order for your quest to be meaningful, everyone on this planet is different and they all have different missions in life,


what is important to you may not be important to others, nevertheless what really matters is what is important to you and your passion for its exploration is what is of paramount importance,


eventually, you will be compelled to tell others of your passions and their importance, it will be then that you have realized that you are finding the answers that you seek.

What is the difference between Good and Evil


A simple honest question whose answer can be blurry on many levels, it has been said that without evil, good would never be noticed, it also goes the other way, as you have been asking and seeking answers it is good to know that good and evil are perspectives where there is an objective norm depending on what part of the planet that you live,


your moral compass may point one way and societies may point another, there have been some guidance set up from scriptures in the way of commandments and there are virtues and sins that seemingly align with good and evil but it is not always so cut and dry,


in the past, slavery was the norm and was accepted even in the Bible, but now the world has determined that slavery is bad, it removes an individuals "free will" which is a God-given right,


but if you do not believe in God then your morals will seem to drive your reasoning, and if your morals are determined by your greed then anything seems to be fair game,


individuals do many seemingly evil things in the name of their God which seems to give some degree of justification to their actions, but killing and oppression are robbing others of their free will,


being able to accept other peoples beliefs with tolerance is a good start when someone suppresses another's beliefs and feels that it is for their God that they do this, they have distorted their scriptures and using their free will, they have removed the chance for another to express their free will,


this could be considered evil, and if they could realize that their God is well equipped to smite those that have angered it, do not let your emotions cause you to play God and do something Evil,


use your free will and do Good by letting people use their free will, love is the great equalizer that shall fix our planet.

When Seeking Revenge


It has been said that when you are seeking revenge you should dig two graves, or revenge is a dish best served cold,


normally, these sites are of a more uplifting variety and revenge would be far from any subject covered here, revenge is a emotionally driven state that really has no true upside,

you may think that you are "getting even" or "setting the scales straight" but you are creating an upset in the cosmic balance of things that may end up in a cycle that can last many lifetimes,


OK, you have been wronged in some way, it may be deeply personal or financial or a serious amount of damage to your friends or family, you were hurt in some way that continually eats on you where you are considering revenge,


when legal recourse is not an option or not desired, and you feel a more hands on approach to the matter is required, your consideration of revenge can be the changing point in your life,

this is when you decide to lower yourself to a level that you believe will give you some personal justice while teaching your lesson in the process,


you will be changing the course of your life in such a way where the reasoning you believe why a certain thing has happened to concern you is because of a particular person and that person alone,


when in actuality, it may be the result of something that you may have done earlier in your life, possibility an equalization of some karma that you have acquired is happening and it really is not something as personal as you believe,


it can even be the equalization of a karmic debt incurred in some previous life, ironically, this could have happened many times going back and forth, over and over again just as a supposed tit for tat,


there is actually a lesson to be learned here, forgiveness cures many ills, you may decide to take the high road and forgive and forget what has happened to make you feel this way,

just this one small action is able to break the cycle and allow you to move on, the particular soul that has done this to you will either have repaid its karmic debt or will have incurred another,


nevertheless, it will have removed you from the loop and you might even benefit in some way, the emotional feeling that you have that makes you want to even up the score can be pride,

pride is the feeling that someone has gotten something over on you and you are not willing to let it go, you could have been humiliated and embarrassed and now need to show who really is the boss,


what ever reason that you may have, it is not good enough because of the ultimate price that will have to be paid, this price may have been paid a few times over by now and it has turned into a life lesson to be learned before the nonsense can come to an end,


now it is time to cut your losses and take the moral high road and put an end to this unending silliness, forgive and forget and let karma take care of the loose ends.

Asking God Into Your Heart


When you come to the realization that there is much more than your material, physical life, you are able to seek after what it is that drives you beyond your senses, when God has been realized as something that can help you through the rough times, when God is made a part of your everyday life, results begin to happen,


this realization does not need to have a specific name, God is just a simple description for the universal consciousness, it is just a part of the whole of "all that is", it is something that we are all a part of and need to realize before we are able to take advantage properly,


when you understand and believe that there is some intelligence out there, you can take advantage by asking, this does not mean that you can continue with your self serving ways, there are things to be answered for,


with this understanding, guidance can be achieved just by asking, you must surrender your desires and pursue your true passion, selflessness is a big part of this surrender, others must come before your apparent needs,


you must be rid of your pride and humble yourself to what needs to be over what you want, you must release the reins and allow you spiritual side to take control, it has been your material, physical half that has been leading you astray and possibly getting you into trouble,


in essence, it is where all sin is derived, your spiritual side is where all virtue is derived, this duality may seem confusing to you but it is what is necessary for our souls to learn on this earthly plane of existence, it is what our religions are trying to present to us,


we just don't recognize it so readily because religious scriptures have been written by physical, material men that have had some sort of divine inspirations, they use their own free will along with their fear and superstitions to embellish what they have been shown,


it is up to each of us to distinguish the good from the bad, there is wisdom out there to be realized, and we need only open our hearts and use our free will wisely to discern what may be in our scriptures in the way of wisdom and filter it from the fear and superstition, this is when we are able to benefit from what God presents to us.

Ask and you shall receive meaning


It is as simple as it apparently reads, when you ask for some sort of guidance in life from God or your inner self or any named or unnamed entity that you have assigned some sort of power over the giving of wisdom or truth, this magically seems to lead you towards what it is that you seek,


if you search with a degree of humility for answers without having some preconceived notion as to what you will find, when you seek the truth about whatever it is that concerns you or that inflames your passion, it shall become more visible to you in one way or another,


this seems to be most effective when your intentions are virtuous and unselfish, this instruction was given in the Holy Bible but is not limited by only what this good book has to present, it is meant as a general instruction in life,


it is what puts you in touch with the universal consciousness which has access to all earthly knowledge and in turn can make it all available to you just for the asking,


all of the answers you seek will not necessarily come to you all at once but you will be led on a journey that will enlighten you at a pace that is best for you personally as long as you continue seeking and asking,


we are all put on this planet in order to learn and to add our knowledge to all that is, asking questions is a big part of this, there are things that your mere senses cannot help you with, the opinions of others are biased towards their agendas and personal beliefs,


there is an universal consciousness that has access to all that you wish to know and all you have to do is ask and in some seemingly miraculous way you shall receive the answers you seek,


if you believe that you know all there is on any particular subject, just ask for the truth about what may concern you, you may find that you are led in a different direction and different answers may open your eyes to facts that you did not realize,


this gift is hardwired into our reality and can be made use of if we all just try and keep open minds and not be swayed by our preconceived beliefs.



This is why you have come here, you want to know the significance of this word, Asking is the first stage when you are trying to find something out, you must ask before you get an answer that may help you,


it sort of goes along with seeking, when you ask something, you are questioning and expecting an answer, who you ask is also of some importance, people in general have agendas and motivating factors that drive them,


when you ask them a question, you will get their answer as they believe for any number of reasons, your higher self or the universal consciousness or even God can be a much better choice than someone that already has some sort of agenda,


and what you ask can also tell you something about yourself, is it a self serving question or is it a selfless question where the answer has the ability to help others, these sites are more spiritually oriented than physically, materially based, they are meant to expand your knowledge concerning your life and reality and not so much expanding what is in your pockets,


even though when your life is more spiritually oriented, your physical, material needs are better accommodated, much thought should be given to what you ask as its answers will be what a part of your life will be based,


this may sound corny or crazy to you but selfless causes are what have true meaning in life as opposed to the fleeting, self centered apparent needs that drive the majority of us, for the most part, if you have come to this site you are more spiritually minded and probably have more virtuous intentions than not,


so asking virtuously minded questions should not be a great stretch for you, we need to know more of what can repair our world than what will make us more comfortable, so choose the questions you wish to ask carefully as they will be a window into your character.

Is Spiritual Awakening Good?



     This is highly dependent upon if you are unusually attached to your present physical life and all that goes with it, if you have been currently searching for a spiritual experience by reading and experiencing spiritual literature and practicing certain esoteric rituals or exercises, then a spiritual awakening would not be out of the ordinary,


but then again, if you have been enjoying your material, physical life and a spiritual awakening is thrust upon you, this can be considered bad by the ego that has been accustomed to otherwise,


the ego is use to the usual physical, material pleasures that the senses and emotions so enjoy, now, all of a sudden you have another, different view, an aspect that goes against what you have believed and lived by for most of your life,


now would be the time for you to make a decision to either consider this awakening and what it has to show you or to ignore it and go about your life as you always have, you will either choose to forgo your pride and embrace this new concept and work towards making it your true belief or explain it away with a variety of excuses that will attempt to dismantle it and try to make it something that is forgotten,


of course the decision you make is a product of your own free will and what your immediate goals may be, in many cases, a spiritual awakening is often brief and must be constantly pursued in order for the momentum to be maintained,


indeed some profound changes will have to be made in your life if this new enlightenment is going to be retained, if your goals include making lots of money and making the most use from your physical senses, then there will surely be some competition as far as your duality goes,


a spiritual awakening signals the beginning of the end of incarnations on this earthly plane, the soul is probably wrapping it up and has only a few more realizations to make, of course, if this spiritual awakening is rejected and ignored, it will surely come again in one of your subsequent lives down the road.


How does AI learn?


      AI has been programmed to learn by compiling data and running programs that use algorithms that separate what it has learned from that it has not yet learned,


in some cases the learning process has been designed to emulate a neural network and has been proven to be much faster and less prone to errors especially in comparison of data such as voice and facial recognition,


google has had much experience comparing data from google docs and the like, each AI's creator decides how and what each AI learns, it can be programmed to learn from verified facts or it can learn from opinions depending on specific programming,


most AI's have been created to help make companies more profit, they compile data and make suggestions according to a potential customer's previous search decision and previous purchases,


unfortunately, the learning process and how it interprets what it believes you want may be flawed because every individual is different, lets say that I bought a television online, an AI may start showing me ads for televisions as if I buy them on a daily basis,


so far I have noticed that many of them are flawed in this respect, but as for comparing huge amounts of complex data such as in facial and voice recognition they cannot be matched by any human,


trying to expect them to start thinking like a human without having the emotional experience is going to prove to be a big mistake and when you are dealing with spiritual and esoteric literature,


it can only hope to compare what others have searched for and use that data for suggestions as to what to read, this can prove to be very limiting especially when you are depending on your own intuition to lead you to to new ideas which AI's are still incapable of,


possibly, some day this shall change but I would still steer clear of depending on an AI for giving me what I need, they may be great for recommending a restaurant but they are still sorely lacking in the spiritual department.



Those that cast doubt without proof


There are many forms of information in the world and there are many agendas that are presented, whether realized or not, politics has no lack of agendas, and the information that is gathered and disbursed has many forms and originators,


there is a small but significant percentage of people, say 30%, that wish to believe and hear certain news even though it has no basis in fact,

this service is provided by those that are more interested in the money that they may receive than providing an accurate, truthful service to the public,


these so called journalists have forgone their integrity and have succumbed to the almighty dollar, their agenda is to appease that 30% by telling them what they want to hear, they say things based on opinion and not on fact,


even though they see themselves as "a news corporation" they no longer have a true concept of the idea of which they use to support, they only fess up to their lies when they are confronted by a lawsuit, and even then they find ways of avoiding the truth in order to keep the money rolling in,


they are deceivers that keep on deceiving, they may tell the truth occasionally just to keep the hook baited so that they may reel in another unsuspecting victim, in these cases, it is best to stick to the mainstream outlets that have similar outputs but are not continually the highest rated or viewed as they seem to not have an axe to grind and don't inflame the emotions for the shock ratings to continue to please their base 30%,


they are more interested in the truth that has been proven as fact, it is true that there is a division between the right and the left or the so called conservative and liberal, it is just an increasing concern that one of these factions is prone to telling falsehoods more than facts,


try listening to those that fact check their information, others will disagree with this because it places logical reason in your lap and dissolves the biased opinions which will essentially put them out of business,


do not count these conservative outlets out just yet, they may spin a few tales but it seems that they may actually be making an effort now and then, just stay on your toes as to the majority of facts and those that may cast doubt without any proof.