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This is a Website about Seeking and Finding Information about Truth



A collection of ideas and information about Reality that shall increase your wisdom and further you down the path to


It's not hard to see the light

It's not hard to see the Light if you look

Do not limit yourself just to your Religion's scriptures, God and the Tao is all-encompassing, they are the authors of ALL the Religions,


What Should I Ask and How Shall I Seek?


OK, so you have asked for something to seek, and your seeking leads you on a wild goose chase, or so it would seem. The signals that your brain gives you to follow do have an intelligent pattern, God or your higher consciousnesses does have an agenda, even if it is very confusing to you right now,


all of this information and data is exercising your minds intuitive aspects, where your discriminating powers are increasing, eventually, you will be able to filter the important from the unimportant, the fact from the fiction, the gospel from the dogma, theories will begin to form and a focus towards your ultimate target will ensue,


it may not be what others on your type of quest are seeking, but that is their quests and their targets are more than likely in a different direction, this doesn't mean that you don't have to share what you discover.


Your fellow seekers have important information to life's complex puzzle that may help you and them when shared, you and they, of course, will use your own discrimination's and intuitions to filter what you each deem to be of worth.


There has to be a reason that the words "Ask and Ye Shall Receive" and "Seek and Ye Shall Find" is found in the Bible, they are instructions for all of us on how to find the Truth.


They are Divine statements to show us a means to gather wisdom, they are not meant to limit us to just the Bible, but to explore all the worlds scriptures, with a little discrimination, we all can sift out the dogma and fears.


There is no call for war and hate to be involved in this process, rather we can pool our knowledge with other seekers that are more familiar with scriptures and beliefs from their cultures, our language barriers are no longer a hindrance when the universal language of Love is involved.


OK, at this point you have probably noticed that I have been vague about what to ask and what to Seek, this is most definitely on purpose because there is absolutely no one that can tell you for what to seek,


you will be driven, someone will say something, you will read something somewhere that will spark your seeking drive, we all have to follow our own paths, the truths that you will discover may be obscure in nature,


but they may hold the key to greater truths that may enlighten humanity, you will manufacture your own pieces the great puzzle of life, and together, all of us will assemble this puzzle and discover that it isn't just a picture of a bunch of dog's playing poker after-all!


Seeking is not all about reading and watching enlightening movies, it is also about getting out there to get your feet wet, to try some of the things that you have learned if you have learned about meditation or concentration or dreaming or any other spiritual type of activity,


it must be practiced, if not just to break up constant reading, but to put into practice what you have learned, this is where the wisdom is developed, which is just as valuable as the knowledge if not more.


You may feel you are driven like a machine, but you must maintain total control in order to keep your higher personality healthy, always remember to eat and exercise.


There are many of you out there that are old souls that have the SEEKING programmed into your genes, there is nothing that you like to do more than seek,


in your younger days, you may have been driven more by the material things like making money and chasing the preferred sex, partying and the like, if in fact, you are young now, if you intend to enter occult practices, now is the time to do it,


as it may be more difficult for younger people to give up their material practices for the strictness of the occult practices, there is so much more benefit to starting this at an early age as the material way of life has a way of impeding your progress after 40 years of age,


the ability to forgo the material desires normally prominent at younger ages is a great discipline to develop sooner rather than later in order to get impressive results. 

Wasp seeking nectar

What is your Seeking Focus?


I have to admit that I have read about the most obscure crap that you could imagine, UFO sightings, conspiracy theories, hollow earth, and the list goes on, it isn't that there isn't any worth in all of that, but where does it take you?


If you have the funds to explore the entrances to the hollow earth about the north or south pole, then if this is of interest to you, then you should go, if UFO's wanted to talk to me, I'm sure they know where I live,


and to worry about the Illuminati's agenda and how that affects me is a waste of time and energy. I prefer to investigate something that benefits me and mankind, anything less is an extravagant indulgence.



Our souls are very powerful fragments of an infinite all-knowing entity, our duality is our test to see how we fare in these 3-dimensional shells, using our free will we choose how we live our lives and react to other people's lives in our perceptive arena,


we create our reality constantly, dealing with life and our other fragments, by asking our higher selves or God if you will, for the answers that we seek for those nagging questions, we exercise the power that we have all been given,


we are all connected, not only to each other but to everything perceived by our senses, and all that is not perceived, asking and seeking are part of our cosmic destiny,


the answers that we receive should be shared with others so that they may also be enlightened to your knowledge and possibly help them towards their truths of reality.


Ask and you will receive, have you done this yet? Have you given yourself a pre-sleep suggestion about what you would like to know? Or while meditating, ask yourself a question about anything,


even asking yourself out loud or silently to yourself while you are wide awake doing anything, yard work, driving or whenever that thought comes into your mind about that thing that bothers you from lack of knowledge or just curiosity,


this is what is required to start your adventure, then and only then will the seeking begin. Sometimes I go for months and forget about the asking, I am so busy with the seeking that I forget to plant that "asking seed",


I may be so wrapped up in a particular study and reach a wall that seems to frustrate me to no end when really all I had to do was ask another question...and then off I go again renewed.


This is an age-old mission that has been spliced into your DNA to seek for answers and to find the truth, whether science chooses to believe it or not, civilizations have been on our planet many times, have learned about their origins, and then a catastrophe wipes them from existence.


I shall inject some reasons for this happening and some may not like what they hear, our human race in whatever form it may have existed in has reached a level of technology quite a few times,


but what we have failed to understand is where we came from and to what we owe our existence, all of our spiritual practices have nothing to do with what we do materially, and our problem has been the separation of this,


when we realize that we are all connected, and I mean ALL, Plants, Animals, Earth and it's resources, this realization and respect are required for us to not end up like them.



I have previously slammed those sites and videos on youtube that cater to the conspiracy-minded people, it is very possible that there are some conspiracies out there and our government's no doubt have things to hide from us according to their entitled agenda's,


there is no argument here, I have no problem that giants once walked the earth, but have little interest in why these facts are hidden by our governments, the same goes for extraterrestrials and suppressed technology,


if aliens really wanted to be noticed by everyone, they could do so very easily, and if someone discovered an efficient way to disassociate the atoms from a water molecule to create hydrogen and decided to give this information to humanity,


the US government or any government for that matter or patent office would have very little chance of stopping a determined person in doing so, really the only thing standing in their way would be their greed,


and as for the aliens hiding in the moon controlling the actions of our race, I would still blame our Dual personalities first, even though it isn't as interesting and we then wouldn't have someone else to blame for our poor lack of control of our free will.


Sometimes you shall become discouraged about what you are learning or how you are learning, these methods and actions you take seem to rub you the wrong way, or things that you are learning are giving you an uneasy feeling,


don't feel obliged to keep following this path, your soul will always have it's input to what you are doing, whether it be good or bad, if you are afraid of following a type of "wrong thinking" take a break and shift gears to something else for a while,


continuing on the wrong path can be bad for your health, and if it is something that you wish to complete in the future, it is always possible, when I have this happen to me, I usually pursue a different avenue of the same basic idea to get a different perspective of what I am learning.


Remember, everyone has false personality, and though they may be very intelligent, their false personality may have led them to write about certain ideas and have certain reasoning, try to keep different views in balance with the yin and yang or male and female viewpoints.


Do not be afraid to be skeptical about anything, just because wise intelligent words come from someone, doesn't mean that they are infallible, wisdom and intelligence is a relative thing, a thousand years ago, there were some wise things written by intelligent people,


their superstition and the dogma of their era still had an influence on their ideas, for example, Pythagoras, one of the wisest men known, had a thing about beans, he wouldn't eat them or even touch them, many of his followers died because of this belief,


OK, I can see if you don't want to eat beans because they give you gas, that is understandable, but choosing to die rather than go through a bean field seems rather silly. Every Genius and wise man have their own idiosyncrasies,


and there is no reason to make them your own, If you want to eat meat, eat meat, your beliefs are what you make of them, I learned much from Pythagoras's teachings, and yet I still eat beans, it is true they give me gas, but until I find a sensible diet that doesn't give me gas...oh well


A new year has started and your souls' power will have its most influence over you until the solstice on June 21/22, so be extra aware of any guidance you may be receiving during this time,


your material half of personality will be at its weakest and your actions and views on life will be of the most divine, your spiritual aspirations should be at their greatest for the next few months,


it is a good time to implement changes to yourself if you feel that they are needed, your soul will give you the most support during this time, your asking and seeking will be primed for great things,


so do take advantage of this season, feel free to reflect within to get that guidance that you will surely need later in the year, as the days grow longer the shift of power goes to our rebirth and our material needs wane, enjoy!


Fairness must be maintained while you read about great people or read what great people have written since there is a dual personality found in everyone without exception, it must be understood that even what prophets have written while under divine guidance is not exempt from false personality,


truth and wisdom does not tend to be entertaining in itself as it is more eloquent and efficient in the conveyance of its meaning, so naturally fewer words are needed to get the important point across,


but this exciting visitation of spiritual insight is short-lived and entertaining stories are usually developed to supposedly help get this point across, these stories are naturally colored by the different superstitions and dogmas of the accompanying eras,


this is not even to mention the fact that much of this literature is not even written by the enlightened one in question, so second hand and even third-hand information is passed as "gospel" of the actual word of the great person.


Using your discrimination and intuition, you should be able to sort through the facts and fables.

Merging of soul and spirit

What are we made of?


In order for us to successively Seek and Ask, we must know what we are and why we are here, if I were to claim that I knew the answers to those two questions, it would seem that I was rather full of myself,


these two questions are the mission, you can be told by dozens of different people dozens of different things unless what you hear is what you believe, then you will still be seeking those answers,


it is sort of like a theory in science, it always needs to be proven to actually become fact, and even then being proven to your senses is not the same as being proven as truth to you,


if I were to say I am a fragment of God and I am here collecting data by living lives of men and women of all races and creeds on this planet to expand Gods knowledge, this would be one of many opinions that people would have,


then there is the question Why? Some would say that the reasons would be beyond any of our understanding, but this again is another thing that is being sought after,


I believe no matter what the answers to those two questions are, if you believe, you should let everyone else in on what you have found out.


When it comes to the question "What are we made of" a scientific person from the 21st century will give you the definition of matter, this is the official view of science, and our thoughts are nothing more than energy,


mystery is an inconvenient interruption of a logical thought process, but mystery just as faith needs to be a part of the function of intuition, discarding mystery and faith because they are not scientific is a huge mistake,


some of the greatest discoveries have and will be made by investigating the mysterious and letting our intuitions take the lead in these projects will allow progress to go that much faster, we are quickly replacing words like mystery with quantum entanglement and ether with dark matter or dark energy,


where man believes that an overly complicated description forming from a scientific theory is the way to go when these things have already been known for thousands of years.


So where does this matter come from? Believing in the Big Bang theory tells us that all of existence came from a small particle that exploded and spread creating our universe, that is a rather large pill to swallow,


if you look towards a spiritual answer, all of creation came from thought and a word from God, does that sound as possible as the scientific explanation? still, there are many things that cannot be explained by science,


if all matter is composed of atoms, what composes the space between and inside of atoms, it is understood that atoms, for the most part, are empty, but there is no such thing as nothing, this unknown substance is everywhere and makes up the majority of our universe,


some refer to it as dark energy or dark matter, previously it was called ether or aether, it was known as the unmanifested and it is the explanation for most of the worlds "unknown" it is where miracles start and where magic gets its power,


it is where the spirit dwells and creates all that goes bump in the night, we may be made of matter, but what counts is eternal and cannot be seen.


Our material existences as seen by science is all about the senses, everything that science measures and observes is an act of using the senses, sure there are theories but they are also based on what is understood about what we see and hear and feel,


but that does not and cannot account for the invisible and the unknown and the perplexing questions that science has is leading science towards a new frontier, the theories of how the universe was created are sciences best guesses,


but in reality, it just doesn't add up and that frustrates science to no end, science is now quite fragmented into many specialties whose limitations are set by the unknown where there are no scientific procedures to get past certain points of confusion,


so super complex theories have been developed to make an adequate smokescreen to hide the ignorance of not being able to admit "we don't know" and this where religion is supposed to pick up the ball and continue,


an explanation of what we are and why we are here is more interesting from a spiritual point of view as really nobody is enthused by the notion that we are just an accident of chance that has developed over billions of years of evolution.


Just by knowing that we are more than a body with a brain is just the start, delving deeper into ourselves and paying attention to more of the spiritual aspects and less attention to the material distractions will be a big help in the clarification needed,


relaxation and doing nothing but reflecting inward is the beginning, by remembering to ask ourselves or God the tough questions that we have either during meditation or dream programming before you sleep is a step in the right direction,


combined with some light exercise to give you more control over your physical self makes this all come together much easier, it is not just our material selves that need to be conquered, but our will needs to be reminded that it is FREE and can do our bidding as we feel fit,


remember, our true selves have the real control that was given to all of us, all of the good stuff is of our spirit and all of the other stuff is of our false personality,


we do need to live and function in our three-dimensional existence, we just need to realize that our material selves are only temporary and our spiritual selves are eternal.




Seeking is the Goal


In order to begin to find out the truth about anything you must seek answers in possibly the strangest of places, you may think that going somewhere that your friend or wife or husband would like to go is just a waste of your time and you would rather have teeth pulled instead of going to this place,


you are thinking that you could not possibly find anything that interests you there, well, if it is something that you have never done before and have no idea what to expect, possibly you will be surprised at what you learn,


of course, if it is something that you have done dozens of times previously, there is less of a chance for a pleasant surprise, spontaneity is a great course of action for any seeker, and it is of no great concern what you are seeking,


even though Truth, Wisdom, and Enlightenment are always good goals, seeking and finding something that was previously unknown to you makes it all worthwhile,


If you are one that is unable to get out much due to a variety of reasons, this should not be a limiting factor, as long as you own a computer and have an internet connection you have all of the tools that you need to accomplish many enlightening things,


history, places, beliefs, and interesting events can lead you on a path that is sure to teach you something, this site has been one of your stops, it is not known if seeking is new to you or what has brought you here,


but there is much to learn in this world besides making money and collecting things, eventually seeking shall bring you wisdom and answer questions that you have not even thought of asking.

Can Anyone Reach Enlightenment?


There is no age that will limit you, no religion, no race, no creed, there is virtually no limiting factor for anyone to keep them from reaching enlightenment except for themselves,


this is not meant to be a motivational speech to let you know that you can do anything that you can think of, but you can, and it will take some effort on your part, enlightenment really has nothing to do with what you perceive with your senses,


even though you may have to use your senses considerably to reach such a state, living life and doing what you have a passion for is a good base to start from, some will find that there is a sacrifice to be made,


a sacrifice of material sorts, a sacrifice of old beliefs and maybe even a sacrifice of a certain lifestyle is not unusual, there are many paths towards enlightenment and some are less desirable than others,


there are those that have reached rock bottom in an abuse of their life that brought them close to death and then, were saved by an enlightening experience that changed their lives, and then there were those who chose to take a path that was not so popular but proved to give them much insight into life,


unusual stress, enlightening events, extensive seeking for truth and wisdom and even sometimes it just happens, there are many unknown factors that determine this process, but if you consciously look for the meaning of life,


you will have a much greater chance of something happening, studying what wise and enlightened people say and have done will give you an idea of what is in store for you, don't depend on it "just happening"


as this only happens to those that are not seeking it or even care about it, if you make a shift from the material sense driven life towards the spiritual journey to within, many believe that this is the prerequisite to starting this noble quest.


It does not matter if you are religious or spiritual, you only need to have the desire to learn the truths about reality, it must be a wholehearted search that is not just a fleeting fancy,


it must be pursued adamantly and with much-focused desire for anything to happen, you may happen to be agnostic or even an atheist,


it just doesn't matter even though a strict belief in nothing spiritual whatsoever may stifle any great progress as it would seem that someone with such a belief or non-belief system would not even bother searching for answers is such a system,


but there is no telling that if someone was sincere enough in their search, some awakening of a dormant part of their psyche may happen enough to kindle a fire that may drive them to a greater realization,


there is no tried and true method of reaching any sort of level of enlightenment, and it is probably different for every person, but the act of conscience and determined exploration or search for certain truths are much better than just waiting for it to possibly happen,


hanging around the types of people that are on the same Search or reading about some of these people can add fuel to the fire, their concerns, and questions will seed your thoughts along the same path that they may be following,


the basic direction should be maintained to ensure the best results, it really should be a shift of your life goals, but it should not be of a compulsive, impatient nature where you will be demanding results fast and having huge emotional swings,


ideally, it should be fun especially if it is your passion, just continue on a general path as you are guided by your higher self and live your life to its fullest, possibly something will happen that will change you and if not, it can be a good head start for your next earthly incarnation.

Seeking God


     Sooner or later it has to come down to this, you may have many questions about many things but that is all that they really are, "Things" they probably don't really matter in the long run,


what matters is who you really are and why are you here, seeking God is the step in your life that really matters, it does not have to be God, it can be the Tao or some cosmic intelligence,


the beauty of this is that this all-knowing intelligent power has no single name but has created all that you perceive and has seen to put a part of itself into all that it has created which makes all of creation connected,


you probably have many questions about why your life and the affairs of earth is unfolding the way it is, our connections to each other are presenting this play for our education,


by seeking God or whatever power you choose to call it you affirm that there is something that has the answers, prayer, meditation or just doing altruistic things in your life is sufficient to get the attention of this intelligence,


also, an unwavering belief will ensure that you will be contacted, it may be subtle and in an abstract way but this is just to make sure you are paying attention, just remember, if you ask, you shall receive.

Divine Enlightenment


The ultimate goal of all of your seeking and asking should be divine enlightenment, it does not typically come in the form of a religious experience but it may involve some sort of epiphany that opens your eyes to some sort of truth or truths about reality,


if you are hoping to have something happen that will make all answers cut and dry where there will be no doubt whatsoever about a particular belief, do not hold your breath,


this "enlightenment" will be a very personal thing that you can't just show to your friends or explain to someone where they will not think that you are off your rocker,


the enlightenments that I have had are very subtle and involve a considerable amount of faith and a belief system that is open-ended, as there can be no limitations put on what you might believe,


this is not to say that you should believe everything that you read or hear, but when something special happens that seems out of the ordinary, you should pay attention and take in all of the possibilities available for consideration,


I try to present a distilled version of what has been presented to me with a realistic flavor that can be understood somewhat by all that read it, to me, it all seems common sense, but I have changed enough that it is difficult for me to see out of the eyes of others,


and to express my views and thoughts in a way as to not seem that I am "really out there" is now a big challenge, it kind of puts new light on the term "born again" as this is a valid term for what might happen to you,


it transcends faith by directly going to "knowing" you will have no doubt as to the validity of your new knowledge but your explanation to others will be lacking their approval in most cases,


this divine enlightenment is direct communication with your soul and it can come in many forms and can be triggered by many things, in my case it was something I read during my seeking,


and from then on the door was opened for further information to be delivered, even instructions to changes in lifestyles are not out of the ordinary, the instructions are not necessarily spoken to you,


but interpretations of dreams and inspirations and intuitions will be more acute and may become a regular happening in your life.

How Do I Seek God's Presence?


When you are seeking Gods presence you only need to look out a window or at a loved one, or for that matter anyone or anything, God is in everything that exists so this is no real difficult task,


if it is some personal guidance you are looking for you will have to venture within, you will have to seek God outside of your 5 senses to truly perceive Gods presence,


you can read books or listen to others about how to seek gods presence but it is ultimately going to boil down to some intense prayer or some meditation,


God may have created all of nature and you can view and contemplate Gods handiwork but Gods true presence will have to be sought without using any of your 5 senses,


it hasn't been made too easy as God wishes its creation to have some faith in the unknown aspects of life,


this is not like in moments of desperation where someone might pray to God to make something better for them when they have not previously had any of these beliefs before or the beliefs were of the convenience type that was to appease their peer pressure,


seeking Gods presence must be done wholeheartedly and without a doubt and it must be a consistent endeavor to show God that you "mean business",


The key to life will not be handed to just anyone with a flighting fancy towards seeking true enlightenment,


but it is true that someone may be shown a glimpse of what can be and have your eyes opened if for just a moment to open the door for you to put your proverbial foot in to continue this quest further,


be very sure to not pass up any chance like this because another may not come again for a long while, it's opening up your heart and accept all that is and take your time and enjoy and do it with passion with absolutely no expectations,


then you will have a greater chance of finding what you want, the key is to not have any preconceived notions of what to expect, you must be totally open to all avenues of learning,


and most of all you must pay attention to notice any and every seemingly insignificant thing that may happen, as you will see,


God is the master of subtlety and expects its creation to be able to use their intuition to perceive what is being presented.

How is Life Treating You?


Good I hope if not, it can be much much better if you have problems that seem to haunt you and your life is not what you hoped that it would have been, it can and will get much better if you realize that you are the one that is making it the way that it is,


understanding that you create your own reality is the first step in changing it to what you want, you may have been seeking answers to many questions and this may have been what has brought you to this site, and these words seem just too simple to have any real meaning that will affect your life,


but it really is as simple as that, break that habit, stop going there, stop doing that thing that is ruining your life, you have "free will" that you can use as you please, give a little instead of taking, stop hanging out with those guys that get you in trouble or help make you a bad person,


you have complete control over your life, you may think otherwise but you would be wrong, and if you are one that feels that you deserve better than you have been getting and are unwilling to change your life, the anguish shall continue,


you must concede the fact that what you are doing and or how you are doing it is wrong, practice a little humility and make those changes that is necessary to change your life,


your lifestyle and your way of thinking needs to be modified in order for life to get better, and when this is done and lived by, your life shall miraculously change and then you will truly understand that you create your own reality.



This is why we are all here, in order to be able to understand what we encounter in life we must know how to seek and learn when to ask and then knock to have the answers opened up to us to find,


our higher selves which may be considered a variety of things can guide us to what we need and may be required to know, when we start looking for answers we become seekers,


we have acquired a mission that will soon expand to cover all that we need in this life to quench our immediate needs for knowledge,


this adventure will take many different paths and modes of seeking, some while you surf on your computer and some as you travel and others when you may meditate, pray or follow your passions in life,


you will then eventually have the need to ask for some guidance for your specific needs, this may use your higher self to point you on the proper path to follow,


following your intuitions and allowing synchronicity to occur will make this happen in a pleasantly uprising manner, it may not be exactly what you ask for but it will turn out to be exactly what you need,


and as you seek, and as you ask, doors will appear before you, they may not be physical doors per-say but a metaphysical or a barrier of logic which could even also be described as a psychological obstruction will beckon you to knock in order to find some hidden meanings,


the paths to follow are endless and varied to the point where no two people will have the same needs and requirements in their quests, while the importance will remain just as urgent for each and every individual,


If you do not yet have the seeking bug, you still may be seeking answers already, your very life has you doing things that you do not always understand, the secret is to follow your passion,


there may be distractions along the way and they can use a good chunk of your life, do not be in a hurry as these distractions that may seem meaningless has some valid purpose,


it is when you stagnate that time appears to slow down but actually speeds up, there will always be lessons to learn in your life, some better than others or some more pleasant than others,


but eventually, there shall come the time when you must investigate things that eat on you, and you are compelled to find the meanings of, you will then remember to start to ask questions and search even deeper,


when you begin to find the answers to these questions, you shall find it so important that this new knowledge will have to be shared with others, this quest will not end here, it shall continue until the end of your days,


it shall end up being the complete satisfaction of your life unfolded and expressed to others, it can be in the form of words or art or invention or even an idea that changes the world as we know it, it is why you have come here, to Seek, to Ask, and to Find.

Seeking Answers From God


You have been scouring the internet for the things that interest you and reading the literature that you have been led to but have you actually asked God for some answers in your prayers?


You may not be religious or believe in a deity such as God, this should not limit you to a seeking advantage that is limited, this deity known as God is also known by many other names and ideas,


the higher self for those that choose to not believe in deities is a popular go to experience that can help you as much as any prayer, this knowledgeable part of yourself is able to be accessed by all including atheists,


the seeking of answers may be left up to what is known by you and doesn't need to involve some unknown power, whatever you wish to call this power is unimportant and its origin is also of very little importance,


what is important is that you seek this power by whatever means you feel is necessary, it can be in dreams or in meditation or even in flashes in your normal waking life, answers are there, waiting to be accessed,


unconscious decisions have come from this source all of your life, you need only now ask for that which you seek consciously, there is a prerequisite of believing that what you ask for will be answered,


even if it is not entirely known by what, this is why asking your higher self is so popular and successful, it is like when you have been hypnotized, you will do and say things that will not go against your morals or sense of well being even though consciously you would probably never do such a thing,


God does not need to be considered a deity, the Tao is not considered a deity yet seems to have some all enveloping power, if it was to be considered some sort of universal consciousness that we are all a part of,


a different view may be obtained that will enable you to use it to your advantage, it does not have to be known what it is that is guiding you and leading you to answers that you seek, only that there is something that is doing it,


even if it is your own higher self, you might even think that it is all happening by magic, if it gets the job done, go with it, just don't become too self centered and narcissistic,


because arrogance will lead you to a whole different set of answers that will only deviate you from your true path.

What does ask, seek and knock mean


This is the actual persistence that is given towards your spiritual quests, you may ask for answers and you may seek information that will make answers more evident but it is the persistence or (knocking) that will bring these efforts eventually home,


it is one thing to ask a myriad of questions without focus or sense of purpose and it is another to seek answers to those things that may perplex you, but it is the consistency of keeping at it with a end game of actual purpose behind your asking and seeking that will show an actual genuine interest to the powers that be,


these simple three words have been used as an instruction in the Holy Bible but it is not limited to just this single book as a reference, it pertains to all of life and all avenues that are available to seek,


it is a simple instruction that stems from the psyche and contacts the cosmic intelligence that encompasses all life, it is not so necessary to believe this last statement as the information gathered can be considered as coming from the higher self and will still provide the same results,


there must be a contemplation of why this works for it to be most effective, there is a synchronicity that enables answers to come to you, how you explain this to yourself is what gives it more power,


there is indeed an agenda on these sites that have specific beliefs, but ultimately, what you believe is what will be of the greatest benefit to you, we all ask questions and seek answers and our persistence is what gives us the best results,


it may sound ridiculously simple but life really is not all that complex when you figure out why you are actually here, these instructions are very valuable in the sense that it is also a way of fact checking what you believe to be true,


it has the ability to lead you to answers that you may not have realized because you have previously based certain beliefs on the opinions of others, you shall be led to alternate opinions possibly backed more by logic and reason,


spiritual truths are mostly governed by subjective beliefs, so, this will possibly add another set of beliefs to consider, your higher self and or God has a better idea of what is factual in your own mind, so allow this potential cosmic input to aid you in your life.

What are the benefits of Seekling God?


If you wish to be or are a believer in God, you may be asking this question, if you believe that you are somehow losing your faith and wish to have some reinforcement to tell you that you are doing the right thing,


you will have to go a little further than this, God is a concept of something that is not of our physical existence, it can be considered the universal consciousness or even your higher self, the benefits include an expansion of your spiritual self,


when you forgo interests in your physical, material life and turn your interest inward towards your higher self or God, you are opening new avenues that have the ability to expand your consciousness,


the seeking of God is not necessarily going to make you financially rich but it does have the ability to make you spiritually rich which also has the ability to take care of your money needs, it is basically a virtuous endeavor that has the ability to enrich your life and allow you to realize what actually is of greatest importance in your life,


it is more than finding that personal savior that shall make all of your problems disappear, it gives you the strength to be able to face your problems head on and become what your soul is seeking from life,


right now you live from your senses and emotions, what you believe that you need is only stuff and things that will stroke your ego, pride and greed and lust are but a few of these superficial things, they are temporary and have no spiritual substance,


they are also the candy that the ego is attracted to if you have chosen to make them your priorities in life, you are in the same boat as the majority of the world and seeking God is something that has the ability to answer questions that are no so much self serving,


your senses and emotions have mostly been running the show so far, your spiritual self is in need of gaining more power, so seeking God is a good step in that direction.

How are good answers found?



     So, you have been searching and asking and have come up with various answers to your many questions, except you are not actually sure that the answers that you have attained are really any good,


this is where the understanding of self has the greatest impact upon what you believe and what you are expecting, your desires, your purpose and your reasoning behind them will tell a lot about what you actually believe,


there are some of you that just can't handle the truth, the answers from which you have to choose cause you to take sides as far as your beliefs go, unfortunately you will have to break some eggs to make an omelette,


the truth is not always pleasant and it is not always what you want to hear, there are some that will just ignore what dis pleases them and they would rather wallow in their ignorance than admitting that they were wrong,


all of this is so wrong on so many levels that it pains me to have to explain why truth and integrity are so much more important than your own personal pride and its bruising, there should be an excessive interest about why you feel and act the way that you do,


this venture within is what builds real character, it will allow you to keep searching for answers beyond what it is that you want to hear, there are a great many realizations that need to be made before you will be able to make use of truthful information without any regard about how it makes you feel personally,


there must be a willingness to humble yourself, the truth is of greater importance than your feelings and pride, you must be willing to examine yourself with extreme prejudice and you must be able to questions your motives about everything that you currently believe,


once you have opened the door to your reasoning process you are now able to see what your beliefs mean to you and the reasoning behind them, your horizons are widened and you will be able to recognize good answers when you find them,


once this is done, the good answers will flood in and proper understanding will lift the veil of ignorance.



How does AI see things?


     AI perceives things as to how it is programmed by its creator, an AI cannot have a subjective experience so it is highly limited when it comes to human perceptions, it takes data and uses that data to make determinations,


how it perceives the truth and facts are solely dependent on how its creator has programmed it, when it is left to communicate with people, it depends on what the people add to its data,


leaving an AI to chat on some conspiracy site will reflect how the other users feel as the AI compiles their responses, anything that an AI appears to feel is a programmed response or a simulation as to how it may interpret emotion,


an AI cannot feel emotions, it can make simulated reactions as to what its creator reasons it should, it may compile data given from many responses it has measured from specific situations and then calculate what a given response may be as might be given from an average,


an AI is very logical, AI's in the past have been produced to increase profits for its creators and or advertisers, google ad words uses an AI of sorts, over time, certain things that AI's were used for like character recognition have been made into specific programs and or sub routines and are no longer considered AI,


AI's are excellent for making comparisons and doing menial, complex calculations and have put many people out of jobs because of the great efficiency they use in completing such tasks,


they are able to recognize discrepancies easily and at great speed, they can be made to compare many faces and then be able to recognize and call people by their name giving an illusion that they have a reasoning ability far beyond anyone else,


they are able to take advantage of all of the benefits that a computer has to offer, speed and memory are two of these factors, of course, they must be connected to the proper data base to supply the responses that they can work from,


how they perceive facts and the truth are totally dependent upon the algorithms and formats that their creators supply them to use, context and contrast also have to be implemented in their programming, if you know how the creator thinks, you will have a better idea of how an AI sees things.



Believing what you are told without proof



     Most people do not believe that they are gullible, they believe that they are given facts from the people that they trust and take them at their word, they don't believe that there is any motive or reasoning that may be other than what they are told,


these same people also are very prideful and want to hear what they want to hear, and in most cases they are not even interested in if what they hear is truthful or not as long as it is what they want to hear,


when you decide to be a part of the people with this sort of mindset you accept a distorted concept of reality, you accept the fantasy of deception and are welcoming more of the same into your life,


you start to become a puppet that does the bidding of those that gladly use you for your money and your force in numbers to help sway others to join in on the smoke screen devised to confuse and distort,


it doesn't have to be this way, these people could do their own due diligence and check other sources besides the word of one and forgo their own prideful needs and begin to perceive the actual truth,


there is no real good reason to jump on the conspiracy band wagon just because you keep hearing about something over and over again, it is time to start looking for proof on your own, and if you can't find it, it is time to let it go and face reality,


I know, deep down inside you know the truth but just don't want to hear it, it is easier to listen to people argue your point of view even if you think there is absolutely no truth to back it up,


fortunately, there is a moral majority in this country and they shall insure the truth is expounded in one way or another, you may stick to your far right media outlets and remain in the dark but deep inside you know better,


it is true that the left does have its own agendas and some of those is to continue to dangle the carrots that the right so likes to eat, but mostly there is the brutal truth that is so pridefully hard to swallow,


it happens that the left inclined news outlets use fact checkers to verify what they say, it is true that occasionally mistakes are made and it seems like the right grasps these to try to justify their own deceptive agendas,


it just happens that the majority of so called conspiracies are nothing more than fantasies and there really is no deep state hidden agenda that seems to have a way of magically making things go their way but just look at what these sorts of thought processes have done to the far right,


it has made blithering idiots out of a once great party that now has decided to go down that rabbit hole of deception instead of facing up to what has happened, I do not intend to denigrate people but they have decided to do this to themselves by believing basically everything that they want to believe whether it is true or not and the media outlets that are involved in this are cashing in on their weaknesses.