Did you know that we were all created in God's image?  It doesn't mean that we all look like God, but we have the ability to eventually become God.  Our immortal souls have been around longer than our solar system, and as we exist, we freely travel about the universe elearning.



 As beauty will hide  danger, our existence   is a mirage in the  view of reality.



On this planet, we have been given the chance to learn, to learn the difference between good and bad, right and wrong and most of all, where we have come from.

We all are in training, our countless lifetimes on this and other planets prepare us for when we may be able to take over.  God created all of our souls out of love, and that makes love the most powerful thing in the universe.  

Most all religion on our planet believes in a supreme being or force in some way.  When you hear, Seek and ye shall find, it is the one statement that gives us all the power to learn what it means to be on this planet, to know the meaning of life, and to learn all that we need to know to continue our journeys.  



Another holy trinity, Tao is all space, it is less than nothing, it is more than everything, it is the same as heaven and it is where God presides.  It is said that Tao is the mother of all that is, and that God is the father of all that is.  God has created all that is out of love for all that is.  The house of God is Tao where love reigns supreme.  If you read the Bible and you Read the Tao, you will realize that Love and Man are common to both.  Remember to Seek and Ye Shall Find

 GOD ********* TAO ******* LOVE

Spiritual Enlightenment and Meditation

God has given all of us the ability to explore our spiritual heritage by using meditation to take our minds into God’s domain.  Meditation is key when you are trying to seek Spiritual Enlightenment, the information alone is staggering, but to travel deep within your own mind  to answer some personal questions and find what is required of you throughout your life, is about as close to understanding reality as you may ever get.  HERE is a place to help access the Akashic Records to know all that there is and was, sort of like the google of spiritual enlightenment.