The 2012 Phenomenon continues

Is it a 2012 Hoax?

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

There is a new conscious dawning that will change reality for most people that realize what is happening. Our galaxy has an alignment coming, it is increasing our resonant frequency as you read this, soon there shall be a shift of consciousness that will enable many people to see and know so much more than they have ever dreamed. This shift will not happen to everyone the same, some people will not understand or have excess karmic baggage that will not enable them to make the transition.

Of utmost importance is to lose all forms of fear or (hate), which is a form of fear, and to love all that is. God has created all that is out of love, which makes it the most powerful force in the universe. Forgive everything and everyone and be as one with all that is around you. Be rid of all animosity towards others and replace it with love.

This galactic alignment happens only once every 26,000 years and is also the end of the Mayan calendar. Search for answers on the Internet and you will be able to feel the truth when you find it, it won’t be any scientific answer or any sort of equation, it will be the truth and you will know it when you read it. We will be merging with our immortal souls in such a way that all will be known and all questions will be answered.

This shall be a unique opportunity that comes only once every 26 millennium, I cannot tell you the specifics, but would not be surprised if there is some sort of dimensional change that will leave all non believers and one’s with karmic debt clueless. HERE is a great movie to watch that will answer many questions, I still advise to Seek and Ye Shall Find answers on the internet.

In case you want a 2012 survival guide or need a 2012 official countdown

May peace be with you always

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