The 2012 Phenomenon continues

Is it a 2012 Hoax?

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

There is a new conscious dawning that will change reality for most people that realize what is happening. Our galaxy has an alignment coming, it is increasing our resonant frequency as you read this, soon there shall be a shift of consciousness that will enable many people to see and know so much more than they have ever dreamed. This shift will not happen to everyone the same, some people will not understand or have excess karmic baggage that will not enable them to make the transition.

Of utmost importance is to lose all forms of fear or (hate), which is a form of fear, and to love all that is. God has created all that is out of love, which makes it the most powerful force in the universe. Forgive everything and everyone and be as one with all that is around you. Be rid of all animosity towards others and replace it with love.

This galactic alignment happens only once every 26,000 years and is also the end of the Mayan calendar. Search for answers on the Internet and you will be able to feel the truth when you find it, it won’t be any scientific answer or any sort of equation, it will be the truth and you will know it when you read it. We will be merging with our immortal souls in such a way that all will be known and all questions will be answered.

This shall be a unique opportunity that comes only once every 26 millennium, I cannot tell you the specifics, but would not be surprised if there is some sort of dimensional change that will leave all non believers and one’s with karmic debt clueless. HERE is a great movie to watch that will answer many questions, I still advise to Seek and Ye Shall Find answers on the internet.

In case you want a 2012 survival guide or need a 2012 official countdown

May peace be with you always

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Ask and Ye Shall Receive – Seek and Ye Shall Find – A 2012 Phenomenon? or a December 2012 Hoax?

Is past lives reincarnation true?

Is there evidence of Reincarnation?

We can see stars in our visibly apparent universe, and they are saying our Universe is 13.75 billion years old, since the big bang. This is only as far as we can see. How can the universe ever be limited in size?   I guess it depends on what your definition of the universe is. For all that anyone knows, our universe may be a single electron of a single atom of billions of atoms on piece of dust that sits on a desk in a mammoth world, which is also part of an universe that is an electron….so on and so forth. Similarly, it can go in the other direction, smaller infinitely. You see, we may never know until we die and our immortal soul is released once again, as it has done countless times before.

Such expanse would make it possibly necessary to be in a sort of multiverse situation, and also it would mean that everything is connected, just as all of the atoms in a piece of metal or a rock are connected to one another

Stephan Hawking, does not believe that there is a God, that the creation of our universe is basically a oscillating black hole, that time has no meaning in, he is so smart that there is no possibility that faith can be a part of the equation. In a way, he may me right in one respect, time does not exist, it is an illusion created for the benefit of our 3 dimensional existence in these bodies.

We are so much greater than anyone suspects, and we know so much less than we think.  A 2012 Hoax, I think not.

I believe that we all must realize our true existence in order to graduate from class on this planet.


Seek and Ye Shall Find

Ask and Ye Shall Receive – Seek and Ye Shall Find – A 2012 Phenomenon

Is it a 2012 Hoax?

The 2012 Official Countdown Continues

In order for this to work (for me), their must be a fundamental belief in God, and since god has given us all free will, we are able to believe as we wish. If I study many religions and choose to pick parts from each religion to believe and add to my beliefs, it is what God has intended. Therefore I believe what the Bible teaches and I am able to take what parts I wish literally or just as good advise. If I believe that God created us all in his image out of love, and did the same for all that is, I am free to do so. God has said, Seek and ye shall find and Ask and ye shall receive. Does this not include knowledge? Why would I need to seek, when all of God’s word is in the bible?

If I choose to believe that the Tao or Dao is true and it does not contradict the teachings in the Bible, who is to say that it isn’t just another part of the puzzle of our existence? After all, it is said that Tao is the mother of all that there is, it can be compared to heaven, which is where God resides, and isn’t God the father of all that is? With this union of love, this makes a new holy trinity.

In Hindu beliefs, reincarnation and karma play big roles, it is not mentioned much in the bible, but inferences are quoted to lead you to believe that souls of the past have returned for certain purposes.

You are required to carry out the word of God, or else you shall return to do it again and again, until it is done right. Then and only then, you will be able to stay a spirit in the heavens.


So now I am up to 3 religions that I have taken portions of for my beliefs.

I work in a scientific industry as an electronics technician and I am interested in science. Mankind’s progress in science, and especially quantum physics is still in it’s infancy, and for those people that only believe what can be proven, are going to be falling behind when it comes to the truth and reality.

People seem to rely on what they can see and hear and touch, they fail to look within. Albert Einstein, one of the greatest minds there was, couldn’t get a grasp on quantum entanglement, it was spooky to him that anything could travel faster than the speed of light, it punched a hole in his theories, and just recently in Geneva, they have accelerated a particle faster than light. It was only slightly faster that what a true quantum entangled particle can do. A true entangled particle has an action and reaction simultaneously, no matter the distance. I think that this shall be proven with plants, and their reactions based on human actions and emotions. This shall also help prove that everything in nature is connected


Seek and Ye Shall Find

2012 Hoax or 2012 Phenomenon?

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Man’s understanding of life is so very limited, Man’s science is so utterly finite that, it is believed that our universe is only 13.75 billion years old. What is beyond that point? Nothing? What is Nothing? In Buddhists beliefs, Tao or Dao is more than everything and less than nothing. Since science cannot prove what is past this point, it is considered to be nothing for lack of a better definition. If the Big Bang is to believed for all existence, then this is it, only our perception.

I believe what we perceive as the edge of our universe, is just the perimeter of the electron in which we reside, the smallest presumed component of an atom. Our all encompassing universe goes forever and cannot be proved otherwise. Likewise, it is the same in the other direction, as there is no limit or viable definition for small, how can it be otherwise? And what is there that can be proved? Nothing.

A giant magnetic well that bends light and existence into a sphere to be finite? There is always something on the other side, beyond explanation, beyond understanding. How arrogant we must be to put limits on life and existence. Our eternal souls, may not even know all of the answers, and with that massive wisdom, may not care. Our 3 dimensional existence will only know of 3 dimensional things and 3 dimensional ideas. We must think outside of the box or (sphere)

Due to the utter vastness of all that there is, we must humble ourselves and see the truth.


Seek and Ye Shall Find

Ask and Ye Shall Receive

2012 Hoax or 2012 Phenomenon

If we were to accept that all human beliefs had their truths and that all human beliefs were related, that simple thought would bring us all closer together.

The Buddhists, seemingly do not believe in God, but they believe in man and in Dao or Tao. If you research this just a little, you will see that Dao and God Have more similarities than differences. The one with no name exists everywhere and in everything.

1. Tao

The Tao that can be known is not Tao.
The substance of the World is only a name for Tao.
Tao is all that exists and may exist;

The World is only a map of what exists and may exist.
One experiences without Self to sense the World,
And experiences with Self to understand the World.
The two experiences are the same within Tao;
They are distinct only within the World.
Neither experience conveys Tao
Which is infinitely greater and more subtle than the World


Ask and Ye Shall Receive

Seek and Ye Shall Find” “Ask and Ye Shall Receive” These are some pretty powerful statements that are much more than a couple of verses in the Bible, they are keys to your and my futures.

We have all been given free will to believe and do as we please or want, and all of our decisions are our own and no one else s. The Internet is a very powerful tool that can teach all of us much if we let it. All of our planet’s accumulated knowledge and opinions are there for the viewing.

Seek and ye shall find is a statement that is true in every way, God tells us to look for answers where the Bible ends. There are many questions that we all have about the 2012 Phenomenon coming. Some refer to this as the 2012 Hoax, I believe that something greatly spiritual will be happening, and all of us should be prepared.



Ask and Ye shall Receive has been helping me for many years now, that statement has been guiding me to the truth steadily, from something as simple as misplacing my keys to more profound things as the meaning of life. Many people wonder what to do for December 21st 2012, how to prepare, I like to cover all of the bases by not only covering my physical needs but also my spiritual needs.