2012 Phenomenon


         THE 2012 PHENOMENON

In my studies of various religions, I have noticed that there is always something profound and unique to most beliefs, I have taken different aspects of many religions and pasted them together and have found that they fill in the holes of other limited beliefs.  Don't get me wrong, everyone's religion is very important, especially to them, I just find them limited.

Starting with the Christian faith, I have always believed in God as I have grown from a child, and the Bible has a lot of useful and important information in it, it gives us all guide lines for going through life, that are wise and practical, especially for life 2000 years ago.  It has much information that is timeless and common sense.  Much of the Bible is written in parables to make you read it over and over to get the full understanding of what is being conveyed to you.

The Bible is taken absolutely literally by millions of people world wide, which is well and good, but I feel unnecessary, doing so will confuse many matters as interpretation can be different among people.  

For an example, Everything is supposed to have been created in 6 days and God rested the 7th day, what many people failed to realize is that God did not create time until the 3rd day, so the first 3 days, could have been billions of years long, after all, what would God need with time? Is God on a schedule? I think not.  Time is purely for man's 3 dimensional benefit, which would explain evolution and dinosaurs nicely.

Every day now, science and religion are coming closer and closer together, more discoveries are melding with religious beliefs, superstition and fables daily.  So what is true and what is real?  Why is this 2012 Phenomenon so important?

Since we are all immortal souls that have existed billions if not trillions of years, it is in the scope of reason that we would have the collective power to make anything appear as reality to our 3 dimensional selves.  The complexity of everything as we per-sieve it is just an illusion that we all generate to exist in this environment.  Our immortal souls are very busy entities, and time is a byproduct of our 3 dimensional existence.  All of our theories in science are presented to us to keep us busy or to give us a 3 dimensional basic guide line to follow, and we try to dig deeper and deeper, until there are things that just can’t be explained, and previous theories fail as something new is discovered, and yet people cling to pure science so closely, and refuse to look deeper, not to accept anything that isn’t scientifically proven by math and logic, even though there are numerous unexplained holes in science.  People fail to take that leap of faith, that there is a little more going on than is perceived by our 5 senses.  This 2012 Phenomenon will continue to test you, and no amount of intellect will help you understand the truth.