The 2012 Hoax


     THE 2012 HOAX

In order for there to be a December 2012 Hoax, there must be some sort of deception, in order for there to be a deception, there must be claims that are outrageous.  I will make no claims here, there will be no stating of facts or warnings of doom.  There will only be my  opinions and beliefs based on what I have read and have experienced.  I, like all of you have free will to believe and do as I please.  For those of you that just want to be prepared, I will supply Survival Guide 2012 for your Inspection.


By offering the 2012 Survival Guide, I do not intend to start any sort of panic or insinuate that something bad will happen, rather, I give you an option of being prepared for a 3 dimensional crisis, if one arises.  In my opinion, money will have little value ultimately, and a little insurance couldn’t hurt. A 2012 Survival Guide should let you rest easy.

2012 Official Countdown

All of this paranoia would not be complete without a 2012 Official Countdown.  People need to know what is going to happen at 11:11am on December 21st 2012, this is why I am providing this link to the 2012 Official Countdown, so you may check out another opinion of upcoming events.  I don’t think that you can be too prepared.


Although offers are provided for help with a three dimensional survival for the 2012 Phenomenon, your immortal soul will not benefit from these things, only an understanding of your existence will make the transition an enlightening one.  There is not an actual 2012 Hoax, only information to be prepared.  If you accept what you per sieve as reality, there will be an awakening soon that will leave you speechless as to all of your older beliefs, although many people will not notice that anything  has happened, the transformation will happen, there will be a shift in consciousness that may make our 3 dimensional existence irrelevant, it may even be considered a sort of rapture.